Canto for Non-Profits

Fundraising and advocacy are fueled by content. So how do you launch world-class campaigns with limited resources?

Work more efficiently with Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) platform. Non-profits can maximize the reach and impact of every piece of content created.

Meet mission-critical goals with digital asset management

  • Reach more people

  • Do more with less

  • Strengthen your brand

Reach more people

Boost reach and engagement for fundraising and advocacy campaigns

Content that’s easy to access gets used more, reaching more people and having a greater impact. Increase the reach of your campaigns by activating your entire network of staff, volunteers, donors, and partners. Canto’s Portals make it easy to put persuasive campaign collateral at anyone’s fingertips.

Create better campaign collateral

Create high-quality, on-brand content faster than ever with time-saving integrations and built-in creative workflows. With more efficient workflows, you have more time and bandwidth to target specific audiences — adapting visuals and messaging to persuade different types of donors, advocates, or media contacts.

Do more with less

Win back time for valuable work

Managing digital assets without the right tools takes time away from other impactful work — especially on teams where people wear multiple hats. By automating and eliminating tedious tasks, you can redirect resources to higher-impact, mission-critical work.

Maximize the value of your content

Content is an investment. Don't bury it in some forgotten folder. Canto’s superior file organization and powerful search features make it easy to resurface the content you already have in your media library. By reusing your best content instead of recreating it, you extend the digital asset lifecycle and get more bang for your buck.

Strengthen your brand

Create a consistent brand experience

Trust and brand recognition are essential for successful fundraising, advocacy, and community relations. With Canto’s brand management tools, it’s easy to protect your reputation and ensure a consistent brand experience — even with many people representing your organization. Use approval features to keep an eye on new content. And empower everyone with easy access to pre-approved brand assets.

Ensure your content matches your organization’s values

People trust brands that stay true to their values. Ensure every piece of content reflects your organization’s ethics and follows DEI guidelines with Canto’s powerful brand management features. Need user permissions? Canto has DRM tools built right in. Avoid lawsuits and fines by ensuring that approved content makes it to the right teams and unapproved content does not.

Exponentially expand your marketing efforts with digital asset management

Learn how to streamline content workflows, do more with fewer resources, and deliver more impact now.

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Canto customers love our impact

View success stories

Habitat for Humanity Canada

If you factor in all the time we’re saving across every team, Canto is saving us at least $20,000 a year — probably a lot more than that. Plus, we’re out in market with a unified message. This ultimately results in better fundraising and stronger partnerships, which allows us to serve more families.

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

The more times we can get in the news and in front of donors, the better. Canto has transformed the way we do business. What used to take us days now literally takes minutes.

Houston Food Bank

[With Canto,] everybody can be a brand ambassador. It’s a way to help our coworkers feel empowered to make their own choices for what they want to share.

Why non-profits choose Canto

Easy to use

Canto’s intuitive interface means anyone can hit the ground running with minimal training.

Unlimited Portals

Create custom content collections for satellite teams, partner organizations, media contacts, or any other audience.

Share collections

Powerful search

Make asset search and retrieval faster and smarter with facial recognition, text recognition, Smart Tags, and Smart Albums.

Search faster

Digital rights management (DRM)

Easily manage copyright information, user permissions, and watermarks with Canto’s built-in DRM.

Protect your brand

Upload links

Easily collect images of projects and events. Photographers, staff, or volunteers can upload them directly to Canto for you to review and approve.

Collect content

Centralized control

Approval statuses, expiration dates, and other safeguards let you control what content is out there representing your brand.

Control access

Manage many file types

A home for all of your digital content, including images, videos, documents, and design files.

Multilingual interface

Team members and collaborators around the world can use Canto in their native language.

Simple pricing

Canto’s pricing model is the simplest on the market. We’ll never surprise you with hidden costs.

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See how Canto helps non-profits do more with their digital content

How non-profits use Canto to do more with less

See how real teams are using Canto to increase donations, stretch their resources, and further some incredible causes.

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Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation transforms media outreach with Canto

The news cycle moves fast. Now OMRF does too. See how the non-profit is using Canto to raise more funds for lifesaving research.

Transform outreach

DAM vs. Dropbox: Have you outgrown your file storage?

Canto is much more than cloud storage. See why a digital asset management platform (DAM) is worth the investment.

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