Digital Asset Management for Non-Profits

Do more with less and meet mission-critical goals

Non-profits carry a mission-critical torch, bringing light, hope, and goodwill with their services at a global and local scale. Behind the scenes, a small but mighty crew powers that mission with beautiful brand content to meet aggressive campaign goals and make an impact. How do you meet the growing demand of your evolving digital marketing efforts with limited resources? It’s time to transform digitally by organizing, finding, and sharing your organization’s content effectively with digital asset management.

Top non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity Canada, United Way, and Better Cotton Initiative are using a digital asset management platform to:

  • Streamline content workflows and enable teams to hit the ground running with their best content
  • Do more with fewer resources by making it easy to find and reuse your most memorable media
  • Strengthen your organization’s brand by controlling your brand content across channels
What are you waiting for? Download your guide to digital asset management for non-profits and learn how to transform your organization digitally today.

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