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A Modern Approach to Unique and Compelling Branding From Canto

The following is a complete guide to branding in 2020. If you’re looking for some exciting, fresh ideas, you’re...

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Brand Authenticity: How Customers Uncover Your Brand Truths

Some of the most powerful moments in stories are when the main character discovers that the solution to all...

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Fulfill Your (Brand Awareness) Destiny! a Guide to All Things Brand Awareness

Have you ever asked for Coca-Cola at a restaurant, only to be disappointed when told they only had Pepsi?...

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5 Ways to (Virtually) Connect With Customers

We can’t stress enough the importance of connecting with customers, especially during times of uncertainty. If you prioritize building...

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How a Memory Becomes a Sale: The Guide to Brand Associations

A brand that becomes associated with positive characteristics has a chance to corner the market and massively increase product...

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The True Power of Influence: Crafting Your Impactful Brand Image

Do your favorite brands understand your needs? Do they have a personality that connects with you? The feeling you...

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A Dynamic Approach to Completely Change Your Brand Positioning Outcome

If you compared your company to five direct competitors, how would you stand out? Whichever unique feature sets us...

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Digital Asset Management for Beginners

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1000s of Brands Fail to Engage Their Customers – See How Powerful Brand Experience Prevents This

There are a few special moments in our lives that we hold dear and cherish – they stick with...

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I Absolutely Couldn’t Succeed in 2020 Without These 3 Unique Brand Management Strategies

In 2010, looking to separate itself from the competition, Old Spice rebranded themselves completely, giving their 75-year-old brand a...

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