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Destined to Be Different: Dynamic Advice to Boost Your Brand Differentiation

Think different. This advertising slogan, used by Apple, is representative of why brands succeed or fail. It doesn’t say...

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Protect What’s Important: The Power of Brand Compliance

In 1985, the popular board game ‘Clue’ was turned into a movie of the same name. In order to...

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Nowhere to Hide: Stepping Into the Spotlight With Brand Transparency

Yesterday’s Sherlock Holmes, Columbos or Nancy Drews are today’s average person with internet access. Instead of digging for clues...

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From Puzzled to Positive: Putting Your Customers on a Path to Brand Recognition

We’d all like to be the only brand within a particular market, but that’s just not the case. However,...

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Brand Loyalty: Turning Idle Enthusiasm Into Active Allegiance

When fans of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream brand snapped a few photos of themselves for a contest,...

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Product Branding: Where Creative Innovation Meets Company Expansion

Product branding isn’t a tricky or difficult process – companies build a comprehensive brand for a product to capture...

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Brand Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to All Things Brand Advocates

Growing technology and social media options have increased the potential value of brand advocates. The reality of today’s advocacy...

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Creative Spotlight: Finding Inspiration in Daily Life With Photographer Matt Lester

Matt Lester is a photographer for higher education institutions across the country. He works with quite a few Canto...

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Building Better Brand Equity: The Strategies and Ideas You Haven’t Heard

If a product is of high quality, it will sell, and if it’s of low quality, it won’t. That’s...

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