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Making a Positive Impact Through Body Positivity With Grace Donnelly of Dia&Co

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How Communications Teams Use Canto Portals for Event Marketing

Planning a successful event can be one of the most difficult tasks for a communications or marketing team to...

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Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Workplace Culture With Jonathan De Jesus

We couldn’t imagine Canto without Jonathan De Jesus, better known around the office as JDJ! Those of us in...

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3 Crucial Tips to Create a Searchable Knowledge Base

Companies are realizing the amazing benefits of having a knowledge base for their customers and team members to access....

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Floating Licensing – a Hyper-Efficient Business Trend

Floating licensing is a revolutionary new way to utilize licensed software. It offers a versatile software experience for users...

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How to Convert the ORF to PNG and the Benefits of Doing so

The ORF is a high resolution camera image file that is great for aesthetics but lacks practicality. The PNG,...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Digital Storage Units

Digital storage units are the official measurements assigned to data. You may not know why they’re so important to...

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Canto Volunteers for St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program

At least once a quarter, our volunteer group Canto Cares gets together to give back to the community. Our...

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Digital Asset Management for Beginners

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An Exhaustive Guide for How to Convert the PDF to PNG

The PDF gives users a chance to share professional documents that contain all sorts of media. Often times multimedia,...

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3 Dynamic Ways Dropbox Cloud Improves Storage

If you’re using Dropbox cloud storage systems, you probably have a base understanding of the benefits. You might even...

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