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Find the perfect visuals for any project in seconds. Just describe what you're looking for in natural language, and our industry-leading AI scans your entire library and instantly retrieves relevant photos and videos.

Forget everything you know about traditional search

AI Visual Search transforms your content workflows.

Search smarter. Create faster.

Simply describe what you need, and AI Visual Search serves up the most relevant images and videos. You get the right content immediately without having to hunt through assets that may not be tagged.

Revolutionize your video search experience

Our industry-leading solution analyzes every frame and scene, so you can effortlessly find and download the exact clips you’re looking for.

Ensure brand consistency

AI Visual Search detects blurry, non-compliant, and off-brand assets — ensuring a high-quality, consistent customer experience across every touchpoint.

Add metadata on the fly

Enrich the visual search experience with metadata unique to your organization. Use AI Visual Search to find untagged content and quickly add metadata to individual assets or entire batches.

Simplify content discovery

Not everyone knows your specific folder structure or taxonomy, but that shouldn't stop them from finding the content they need. With AI Visual Search, your teams and external partners can search intuitively with no learning curve.

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Marketing and creative teams see other key improvements in their content workflows with AI Visual Search

Boost your team's creative potential

AI Visual Search frees your team from the drudgery of manual searches, so you can focus on higher-value work. Effortlessly find fresh creative inspiration and maximize the value of your existing assets by discovering new ways to reuse them.

Optimize your asset value

Get the most out of your content library. AI Visual Search helps you instantly locate and repurpose your best assets across platforms and campaigns, increasing content velocity and ROI.

Stay ahead of the AI content explosion

Generative AI is creating an explosion of new content, but who has time to manually tag it all? Lean on our AI to instantly find the perfect new assets for any project or idea.


Canto customers love our impact

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AI Visual Search has been a game changer for our content team! From day 1 we have had great success finding new content we didn't even know we had in our Canto library. I have repeatedly heard ‘I didn't know we had this footage!’ which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. AI Visual Search solves the issues with finding content that I hoped it would.

Eat'n Park Hospitality Group

The use of AI Visual Search so far has really brought life back into assets that we haven’t used in forever or that we knew even existed... it feels like at least a couple times a week that someone says ‘Oh, we haven’t seen this!' and it’s really fun to find those assets. I know a lot of our executives are really pleased.

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