Rest easy knowing your valuable brand assets are safe and secure. Canto runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is housed in highly secure data centers. Canto is SOC 2 compliant to further increase security. We utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.


Security is our top priority. That’s why we’ve partnered with a first-rate cloud storage provider, AWS. Amazon Web Services is one of the safest and most flexible cloud systems available. Your valuable assets are stored and safeguarded by a SSL Encryption which allows for security with a 99.8% uptime.

Screenshot of the main media library of the Canto DAM with previews of images showing houses and real estate, overlaid by a closed orange padlock reading Amazon Web Services.

Custom permissions

Administrators in Canto can determine permissions for their company, vendors and collaborating agencies. Permissions can be configured to be group-based, and assets can be accessed only after they’re approved.

Screenshot of the privileges settings page in the Canto DAM.

Secure sharing

Canto gives users different ways to safely share their assets. You can carefully distribute content to outside collaborators with Portals, develop new materials in private Workspaces and set expiration dates on share links and emails to protect time-sensitive assets.

Screenshot of the detailed view of an asset in the Canto DAM; it shows the video of a bathroom with a huge window front , overlaid by a dialog box offering various options of how to share the asset.

Digital rights management

Easily apply digital rights management information to better protect your assets. Canto automatically extracts copyright information upon upload, or you can add it yourself. You can add terms and conditions to any file, and Consumers must accept them before downloading your content.

Screenshot of the information view of an asset in the Canto DAM; it shows a small preview, the file description, status information, related files, keywords and tags as well as information regarding copyright for the Digital Rights Management.