Media Delivery Cloud

Store it once. Display it everywhere.

Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud delivers content from your Canto library directly to your website, eCommerce platform, and other content distribution platforms.

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Why Media Delivery Cloud?

With Media Delivery Cloud, your team can deliver images in real time at a global scale — reducing duplicate work between creative and web teams, eliminating the need to store duplicate assets, and optimizing web load times.

Media Delivery Cloud

Publish automatically to your digital storefront

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Automate your content delivery

Remove countless steps from your team’s workflow. Media Delivery Cloud delivers assets directly from Canto to eCommerce and web platforms — and syncs with your PIM, CMS, and other content distribution tools.

Create unlimited variations of each image

Stop creating (and storing) different versions of the same image. With Media Delivery Cloud, you can display a single asset in unlimited sizes and aspect ratios. Plus, built-in smart cropping ensures your images look their best in every layout.

Enable faster page loading times

While you manage each digital asset in Canto, customers around the world see images delivered from a server close to them. The result: faster page load times and a better user experience.

Set a fallback image, so there’s always a backup

With a designated fallback image, your customer-facing content always looks its best. Even if you restrict or accidentally remove a live asset, there’s a fallback image waiting to replace it.

Unburden your team, and go to market faster

eCommerce and publishing teams can resize and crop images automatically. Assets get deployed faster, and creative and web development teams aren’t burdened with unnecessary work.

Thousands of customers trust Canto

Johannes Binner

It’s great not to have to worry about the assets on the website. Our latest assets are all in Canto, and Media Delivery Cloud works with our PIM to take care of the rest. I don’t have to deal with them again in our CMS.

Johannes BinnerHead of Digitalization at Schwalbe

Media Delivery Cloud is an add-on solution for teams with large-scale digital asset delivery needs.

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