Store it once. Display it everywhere.

Transform your images into any file type with a single click. And deliver them instantly across a global content delivery network.

Publish automatically to digital storefronts

You need to get to market faster with engaging and fast-loading digital storefronts. Media Delivery Cloud instantly transforms your brand assets into the sizes and file types you need and publishes them globally in real time from Canto to your sites, stores, and platforms.

Get your visual content to market faster

Automatic content publication

Streamline workflows by publishing assets directly from Canto to e-commerce and web platforms — and sync your PIM, CMS, and other content distribution tools.

Unlimited media transformations

Convert images to any size and file type you need in real time. Built-in smart cropping ensures your images look their best on every page.

Faster stores and pages

Deliver digital content from servers near customers across the globe for faster page load times and a better user experience.

Save storage costs

Streamline asset organization and save on storage costs by storing only one version of each asset in Canto.

Faster content deployments

Accelerate digital media publication for e-commerce and publication teams while freeing up creative and web development teams to focus on moving the needle.

Fallback media redundancy

Establish designated fallback media to display if live assets are accidentally removed or restricted, keeping your customers’ digital experience smooth.

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As we expand the D2C mall strategy, Canto is playing a pivotal role. With Media Delivery Cloud, we are able to drastically improve efficiency in areas with a high workload — saving time, reducing costs, and shortening time to market.

Ralf Bohle GmbH

It’s great not to have to worry about the assets on the website. Our latest assets are all in Canto, and Media Delivery Cloud works with our PIM to take care of the rest. I don’t have to deal with them again in our CMS.

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