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Dynamic File Storage Solution

Organize your creative assets like images, videos and documents. Canto is an advanced solution that boosts creative projects and saves time.

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What to Expect in the Demo


  • Expert advice from specialists who can answer all your questions

  • A thorough but relevant walkthrough of the features of Canto

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The Solution Tailored to Your Team


At Canto, we know that each team and company is unique and that’s why we tailor every use-case to fit your goals. In your personalized demo, we’ll walk through your content storage needs and learn what type and how many users will work best for your business.

We’ll show you how easy it is to customize a solution with your branding and customize fields with just a few clicks. See how making the solution your own will help users feel at home and find the visual assets they need quickly.

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Canto customer ceva

“Simplicity. Other systems have too many features,
structures and requirements. Canto makes it easy to build
digital asset management, customize it and it’s easy to use.”

James Howell
Ceva Animal Health

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