Organize and Search

With an organized, searchable content hub, everyone can always find what they need, when they need it.

Canto frees your team from tedious content management tasks, so they can redirect their time and attention to higher-value work.

Organize and find content faster with Canto

Powerful search

Your entire Canto library is fully searchable — including your assets themselves and all of their metadata.

Need to narrow things down? It's easy to limit your search and filter results to zero in on the perfect brand content for any project.

Customizable metadata

Smart Tags make your library instantly searchable. No need for manual tagging!

You can also add custom metadata fields, generate automatic HEX code labels, or browse images by geographic location.

Facial recognition

Looking for content featuring someone specific, like an executive or a brand ambassador? Find every image they appear in with just a few clicks.

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Everything you need to manage your digital assets. All in one place.

Folders and albums

Organize assets by campaign, target audience, market segment — whatever makes sense for your brand. A single asset can appear in multiple albums. No duplication required!

User roles and permissions

Ensure your team and collaborators can access everything they need — and nothing they shouldn’t. Customizable user roles make it easy to expand or dial back access and permissions.

Personal Collections

Create your own Collection of favorite files in Canto. It’s a handy shortcut to access the content you use most, or to keep creative assets on-hand for ongoing projects.

Customizable branded interface

Store and organize your content in a library that matches your brand identity. Anybody accessing your digital content in Canto has a polished, on-brand experience.

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I wanted more control over how our assets were photographed, stored and shared. We looked at several solutions, and Canto had the best user interface, in both the backend and the frontend. The search and filter tools are pretty magical.

Sony Europe

[Easy-to-search metadata] was probably our biggest 'must have'. We got some extremely useful help to set that up. It’s now working beautifully. I can quickly go in and say, 'Show me everything taken on this camera and this lens' and Canto just pulls it up instantly.

Lufthansa Aviation Training

Lengthy searches and tedious asset queries are now a thing of the past. Colleagues and agencies can find the content they want by themselves, pulling from the assets we've pre-selected. That's also very useful for in-house presentations.

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How to Add Metadata to Improve DAM Search Capabilities

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Canto helps Sony expand the Alpha Universe

With custom metadata fields in Canto, Sony Europe can always find the perfect images to showcase the creative potential of specific cameras, lenses, and accessories.

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Still using Google Drive? It’s time for a digital asset management platform.

Canto offers more control, more accessibility, and better organization. See the key differences when comparing DAM vs. Google Drive.

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