What Is Video Asset Management


Video asset management handles video assets to create efficiencies in video production, storage and distribution.

The New Age of Video Asset Management


Organizations are flooded with video content and the need for systems specialized in managing it is more important than ever. Many digital asset management systems now integrate with video editing platforms to provide a central storage and internal distribution solution for source materials and video projects. This includes optimization of uploading, workflows and end-user consumption. That’s why productivity gains and communication benefits with video asset management are generatlly worth the costs.

So what is a video asset? A video asset is digital video content that has intrinsic value to your organization. As video assets have rapidly accumulated, the need for a means to efficiently manage them alongside other digital assets has become paramount. This is even more important because video demands high bandwidth and large storage capacity.

video asset management
video asset management

Keeping Video Content Organized


There are special considerations when managing video assets – resolutions, frame rates, codecs and containers, as well as workflows that may be related to other digital asset flows. The ability to generate preview clips and the proper assignment and ongoing management of metadata are especially important.

Video requires strong metadata management, even more so than other digital assets such as images or documents. Video metadata must be available not only through editing programs such as Adobe Premiere but also through the DAM system itself. Ultimately, metadata changes during editing should be synched to a DAM system, and editing tools should in turn draw metadata from it.

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The Main Benefits of DAM Video Asset Management

Intelligent Metadata Management – A sophisticated metadata system ensures all videos are findable.

Central Storage – DAM video asset management keeps your videos in an easy-to-navigate, central location for your company.

Legal Protection – DAM video asset management ensures your company is protected from copyright infringement and protects your valuable proprietary videos.

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