Video asset management

Creating efficient video production

Video asset management

File previews

Videos inside a video asset management system are preview-enabled

Extensive sharing

The right type of system lets users quickly share their videos with others

Upload quickly

Uploading videos in bulk is simple and speedy

A laptop with video files.

What is video asset management software?

Video asset management is a comprehensive, administrative system that stores and organizes large amounts of digital video content. It provides central storage and internal distribution for video projects. It’s a system which optimizes uploading, workflows and end-user consumption. Lastly, video asset management maximizes a company’s entire video library.

Video asset management benefits

Video asset management systems need intelligent metadata management in place to ensure digital video content is easily tagged and searchable. It also needs a central location, giving companies a place to find and retrieve relevant video files.

A good video management system necessitates premium legal restrictions to protect from copyright infringement. This should be automated so the user can focus on producing and sharing their videos rather than get tied down with extensive editing and copyrighting.

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Who needs video asset management?

A video asset is digital video content which has intrinsic value to an organization. Video demands high bandwidth and large storage capacity, making management systems a necessity.

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Digital asset management

Professional videos need professional video asset management, which digital asset management handles better than any other system. It includes all the major tools needed to organize, share and optimize video files.

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