Digital asset management demo


Provide a central image database for all users while avoiding file duplicates and huge email attachments.


Navigate your content quickly and efficiently with easy-to-use tags, keywords, folders and albums.


Create collections, download-links and even branded self-service portals for easy file sharing.

Desktop view of DAM for retail in Canto
Mobile view of DAM for retail in Canto

Organized marketing projects

Canto helps companies accomplish their projects without any IT support. It’s a highly functional, easy-to-use system with a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard.

The dashboard gives users a visual preview of all digital assets, and it’s easily accessible and responsive. Another important feature is the search function, which not only allows members to quickly find files, but also helps teams share files with one another.

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Canto’s Digital rights options dialog box
Canto’s Status options dialog box

Fully customizable system

One thing that makes Canto stand out is its customizable features. You can automatically apply watermarks to specific images within the central library of digital assets.

This protects content and is quickly changeable using its cropping tools. Videos can be clipped to give you the exact moments of a video file for the website.

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