Canto for Agencies

Whether you’re a full-service agency or a boutique brand agency, your creative operations must keep up with client demands. Share approved photos and client storyboards, and gain ad concept approval faster with Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) platform.

Streamline creative operations with digital asset management

  • Optimize content management

  • Control brand content

  • Increase content ROI

Optimize content management

Storage and metadata simplified

With the constant influx of creative work, agencies need a reliable platform to store and organize files. Canto’s DAM provides a centralized hub to securely organize and store unlimited assets, ensuring easy access for approving, sharing, and archiving. And Canto's metadata management organizes and tags assets automatically by adding descriptive data to each asset for you.

Powerful asset search

Canto’s DAM empowers your team to stay laser-focused on billable work. With quicker and more efficient asset search and retrieval, you can optimize productivity and make the most of every client engagement. By streamlining your content workflow management, you deliver exceptional results and content to every client, helping you maximize revenue opportunities for your agency.

Produce content faster

Canto's digital asset management platform accelerates the digital asset lifecycle. Canto integrates with today's most popular tools, so you can find and polish your best content without stopping the creative process. Start, finish, and share client work faster than you ever dreamed possible with workflow management efficiencies built-in.

Control brand content

Keep branding consistent

Never worry about going off-brand again with Canto’s brand management features. Quickly and easily manage specific user permissions, so your team can access the right assets at the right moments. And replace old or outdated files instantly with the latest approved file using built-in asset circulation controls.

Optimize content collaboration with clients

You need a way to keep your teams aligned on branded content from each client. Streamline your collection, review, and delivery of client-branded content using upload links and Portals. Upload links allow your team to receive new content and collaborate on approval. And Portals allow your team to easily share assets for review and approval with your clients in a branded and polished experience.

Increase content ROI

Get more value out of content

Each piece of content you create is a significant expense. Canto’s DAM helps you maximize that investment with the ability to store old concepts or campaigns that weren’t used or even images that would be fit for purpose across other campaigns. Reusing and recycling content streamlines future creative projects while optimizing your current spending.

Manage your digital content rights

With Canto's digital asset management (DAM) platform, you gain full control over your digital rights management. Efficiently safeguard your content and ensure copyright compliance, protecting both your agency and your clients from unauthorized use. That means you can effectively scale compliant content distribution across digital channels and teams easier than ever before.

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Sharing assets for clients to review has been simplified with Canto. No more hard drives or long upload and download times to file sharing platforms. As we continue to use it, I see daily users becoming more comfortable using the tool as a single source of truth and navigating the DAM platform as a self-service.

Why the best agency brands select Canto

Unlimited Portals

Distribute your content efficiently to your clients, partners, influencers, and more with branded Portals that give everyone access to exactly what they need.

Share collections

Interactive Style Guides

Don’t worry about off-brand content again. Create an easily accessible online location for your logos, colors, fonts, and anything else your teams need to stay on brand.

Keep on brand

Digital rights management (DRM)

Keep copyright compliant and protect your content and your clients from misuse easily with Canto. With DRM, you have access to watermarking, license data, and much more.

Stay compliant

Share links

Have a collection of files you need to share with your clients or need them to share content for an upcoming briefing? Share links are perfect for collaboration on files between your team and clients.

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Simple pricing

We have the simplest pricing model on the market. You’ll never be surprised because there are no hidden costs.

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Uncover underperforming content, monitor asset engagement from every team, and make data-based decisions using Canto's reporting.

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