Increase the ROI of Your Content with Efficient and Effective Content Workflows


It’s time to spring clean your content workflows. There are many ways to breathe new life into those old processes while ensuring they can still accommodate planning, organizing, and managing content effectively with a remote and global workforce. All while enabling your content and creative teams to meet the demand for more content in less time.

But how are marketing teams meeting those demands? We surveyed more than 640 content professionals to see what challenges they’ve encountered in the past year as they worked to scale their content production, and gain insight into how the most successful content creators are maximizing revenue driving potential of their content.

In this webinar we’ll tackle:

  • The top challenges facing content and creative teams
  • 9 ways to scale your content production
  • How improving the efficiency of your content workflows can impact the ROI of your content

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Kate Bennewitz

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Kate Bennewitz is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Canto. She is responsible for understanding customer pain points and market trends, driving development of go-to-market strategies and ongoing communications with customers. Kate has led go-to-market strategies from product conception till launch for numerous product solutions with a global reach. She is passionate about people and storytelling and uses these skills to collaborate on strategies that drive growth and improve retention.

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