Canto for manufacturing

Easily manage and share images, video and other digital assets from a central location.

Disorganized content slows marketing teams down. With Canto, your photos, videos and other digital assets are always right where you need them.

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How digital asset management can help manufacturers

Desktop view of DAM for manufacturing in Canto
Mobile view of DAM for manufacturing in Canto

A central location for all of your digital assets

No more digging through folders and hunting down files. Canto is a hub for all your digital content. Your media library is fully searchable – by name, product line or any other criteria you set.

Digital assets for construction in Canto
Canto’s Search options dialog box

Put key content at sales teams’ fingertips

Showcase compelling images and collateral without the wait. Canto gives sales teams instant access to everything they need to win customers over. And with version controls and expiration dates, outdated collateral never goes out by mistake.

Canto portal of an agency
Canto’s Download options dialog box

Share with clients and partners in a polished package

Bundle content and share it with customers and third-party vendors. Portals provide customers with a branded, easy-to-use content experience. With Canto, you can take advantage of an unlimited number of portals – each with unique configurations and permissions.

Rough blueprint of building to be constructed
Canto’s Digital rights options dialog box
Canto’s Status options dialog box

Protect your intellectual property

With Canto, you’re in control. Limit access to certain parts of your library and approve assets for release with the click of a button. Canto’s digital rights management tools make it easy to protect your brand and IP. Canto automatically adds copyright information at upload, and optional terms of use protect assets shared externally.

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