Canto for Manufacturing

Product imagery is the lifeblood of manufacturing brands. With Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) platform, getting images and other brand assets to market has never been easier.

Launch new products faster, increase sales, and power your global brand.

Power product content operations with digital asset management

  • Launch products faster

  • Increase sales

  • Power a global brand

Launch products faster


Canto’s DAM platform augments your PIM, keeping product images and product information aligned at a global scale. Enhance the digital assets in your Canto media library with SKU numbers, product IDs, model numbers, or any custom metadata you need.

Create and distribute content at record speed

Deploy your latest product imagery faster than ever before. Canto speeds up the whole digital asset lifecycle — from creative operations to approval and distribution. With everything flowing smoothly, digital content is no longer a bottleneck to getting new products launched.

Automate publication with Media Delivery Cloud

Automate publication to your digital storefront. You store just one version in your Canto image library, and the Media Delivery Cloud add-on displays it in the right sizes and aspect ratios across your website, e-commerce store, and other distribution channels.

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Increase sales

Empower sales teams and distributors

When sales teams and distributors have access to content on-demand, they can leverage it to close deals in real time. Canto’s Portals make it easy to create custom content collections for different audiences, providing a tailored experience and putting persuasive content at sales reps’ and distributors’ fingertips.

Perfect product launches every time

Have specific launch dates in different regions? Easily embargo content until it's ready to use. Or set time-sensitive content to expire on a specific date. With Canto, you’re in control of your content — preventing distributor mix-ups and keeping everyone aligned.

Power a global brand

Repurpose content for different markets

Start repurposing your valuable brand assets. With all of your brand’s content in a centralized, searchable library, it’s easy for regional teams to find, translate, and localize content created for other regions instead of recreating it from scratch.

Consistent branding at a global scale

Make it easy for everyone to stay on brand with digital Style Guides, asset approval tools, and other Canto brand management features. Digital rights management (DRM) is built in too — for complete control of every asset.

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We exist to enable our sales team, to make selling easier, to help them outperform the competition. Canto helps us achieve these objectives. It showcases the potential of effective marketing and gives us a vote of confidence with the rest of the organization.

CyDen / SmoothSkin

Canto is helping us launch into new markets quicker. When a product launches in a new territory, it’s as simple as pressing a button and distributors have access to everything: pricing, strategy, influencer campaigns, digital marketing.

The digital asset management platform of choice for manufacturing brands

Unlimited Portals

Create custom content collections for distributors, sales teams, customers, and any other audience.

Share collections

Multilingual interface

Team members, distributors, and partners around the world can use Canto in their native language.

Manage many file types

Beyond basic media and document files, Canto also supports other manufacturing essentials — including CGI, 3D images, and CAD files.

Powerful search

Search your entire library in seconds with facial recognition, text recognition, Smart Tags, and Smart Albums.

Search faster

Simple pricing

Simplest pricing model on the market with the ability to scale as you grow.

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Better digital asset management. Better results.

Canto as a sales enablement tool

Canto puts persuasive collateral at sales reps’ fingertips, giving them on-demand access to content they need to close more deals.

Empower sales teams

Canto helps SmoothSkin IPL launch into new global markets

Even in new territories, SmoothSkin IPL's product rollouts are a breeze — thanks to Canto’s global distribution tools.

Launch smoothly

How successful brands use Media Delivery Cloud to deliver outstanding digital experiences at scale

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