Digital Asset Management for Manufacturing

Manufacturing brands must be equipped to quickly launch products and effectively target their markets. Product assets, other digital content, and product data need to stay in sync to accomplish this. And tools need to empower teams to distribute content effectively to every channel.

With a digital asset management (DAM) platform, accelerating digital asset velocity and pushing product content to new markets has never been faster or easier. Brands such as Sony Europe, Mitsubishi Electric, and Thermos trust digital asset management to push their teams and distributors past the competition and close more deals.

Dive into the guide to see how top manufacturers are using DAM to:

  • Launch new products faster by accelerating digital asset production
  • Increase sales with targeted, on-brand digital experiences
  • Enter new markets by making it easier to repurpose and translate on-brand content

Explore this unique guide for managing digital assets for manufacturing now.

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