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How successful brands use Media Delivery Cloud to deliver outstanding digital experiences at scale

by Canto  |  May 22, 2023

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Image of a sofa cropped different ways with Canto's Media Delivery Cloud smart cropping feature.

Today’s customers expect outstanding online experiences. That means impactful brand content, stunning product images from every angle, thoughtful customer journeys, and lightning-fast page load times.

Of course, providing an effortless online experience for customers is anything but effortless for your brand. Without the proper tools, publishing high-quality visual media across multiple online platforms can be a labor- and cost-intensive process.

So how can companies with large-scale needs get visual content online and generate revenue quickly and efficiently? Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud provides a ready-made solution. By delivering content directly from your Canto library, you can get persuasive product images and brand content online and in front of customers faster than ever before.

What is Media Delivery Cloud, and what does it do?

Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud publishes content from your Canto library automatically to your digital storefront. You only need to store one version of each image in Canto, and Media Delivery Cloud displays it in the right sizes and aspect ratios across your website, e-commerce store, and other platforms. Smart cropping ensures your images always look their best in portrait, landscape, and everything in between.

With Media Delivery Cloud working behind the scenes, your team can deliver images in real time at a global scale. You no longer have to store multiple copies of your digital assets, and your team can focus on higher-value work.

So, what exactly does that look like in practice? Let’s dive a little deeper and look at how real-world teams are using Media Delivery Cloud to go to market faster, increase conversions, and create better digital experiences for their customers.

Example 1: Amorepacific pivots successfully to direct-to-consumer sales

Amorepacific product images in their Canto library.

A leader in the global beauty industry, Amorepacific Group is South Korea’s largest cosmetic company — operating over 40 popular beauty and health brands. As they expand into new global markets and shift towards direct-to-consumer online sales, Amorepacific uses Media Delivery Cloud to deploy product images across their many websites and e-commerce platforms.

Multiple digital storefronts in multiple countries? Not a problem.

Operating digital storefronts for multiple brands in multiple countries could have been a complicated and time-intensive undertaking. But Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud has streamlined the entire process.

E-commerce managers no longer have to update each website separately. When a new product launches, they can easily add new images to all of Amorepacific’s websites directly from Canto. Updating existing product images is easy too. Changes to the original image in Canto go live across all the websites automatically.

By automating those workflows and cutting out extra steps, the team can launch new products and sell directly to customers faster.

Fast page loading times for customers around the world

While the Amorepacific team manages only one copy of each asset in Canto, customers visiting their sites see images delivered from a server close to them. The result: faster page load times and a better customer experience.

“As we expand the D2C mall strategy, Canto is playing a pivotal role,” says Kyongsuk Lim, team lead for digital platform innovation at Amorepacific. “With Media Delivery Cloud, we are able to drastically improve efficiency in areas with a high workload — saving time, reducing costs, and shortening time to market.”

Example 2: Böllhoff enhances the customer journey with a modern, responsive website

A Böllhoff HELICOIL product image displayed in Canto and on the Böllhoff website.

A leading partner for 360° joining technology, Böllhoff offers a wide range of assembly and logistics solutions — from classics like screws to specialized fasteners for aircraft and smartphones. With over 3,300 employees in Germany and at subsidiaries around the world, the family-owned company is shaping the future of joining technology, helping customers across industries make successful connections.

With a recent website revamp, the Böllhoff team set out to create a modern, immersive customer journey that matches their innovative approach. Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud works behind the scenes, facilitating an exceptional online experience that’s easy to maintain.

Products get online and in front of customers faster

With Media Delivery Cloud in place, getting web-optimized digital assets online is easier than ever. Complimenting the site’s new responsive design, Media Delivery Cloud automatically delivers responsive image sizes — without Böllhoff’s editorial team lifting a finger. “I used to have to open each image, edit, save, upload to the CMS,” corporate marketer Kevin Schmelzer recalls. “All that work has disappeared. It’s unbelievable how much time we’re saving.”

New demand-generating potential from organic search

The responsive design and faster page load times Media Delivery Cloud enables also bring SEO benefits, helping more people discover Böllhoff’s products through organic search. They also create a better customer experience on the site, paving the way to better conversion rates and a positive brand experience that keeps customers coming back.

Publish automatically to your company’s digital storefront with Media Delivery Cloud

Want to see how Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud can support your team’s large-scale asset delivery needs? Learn more about Media Delivery Cloud, or contact your account representative to book a personalized consultation.