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Video library: A central hub full of benefits

by Canto  |  December 8, 2020

2 min. read
Eine Darstellung von Videosequenzen auf einem Computer.

A good video library organizes and manages your content and is controlled by a business. Unlike Youtube, which is a public platform used to promote your brand, an in-house video library stores and manages your finalized content. Here are some benefits of a video library.

A video library organizes assets

A video library organizes your video file types in the way you want them to be found, removes frustration and unifies teams. Group your content into folders that are identifiable and with filter and search tools that make assets accessible.

Improve collaboration between teammates

The ability to identify raw and final versions of your organization’s assets keeps colleagues up-to-date and working efficiently. A video library acts as a launching pad for final assets and facilitates uploads to social platforms, websites and Youtube feel seamless. It also provides metadata functionality and tagging features.

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Control access to content

Admin rights are important when sharing video externally or progressing from works in progress to an end result. Pre or post-production assets can be tagged and given editorial comments to ensure everyone knows where they are with project timelines and updates. Admin controls and user rights establish deadlines for your video content.

Optimize for SEO

Advanced video libraries provide tools that monitor the impact of catchy taglines, headers and SEO. In-built analytics track data related to your content. This information can then be shared throughout a department to see how a campaign or project is progressing.

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Control file capacity and add-on features

The software you choose and the needs of your business will dictate the tools associated with the video library purchase you make. File capacity and security via watermarking or encryption depend on the package that best fits your business requirements.

Video library features:

  • Drag and drop
  • Customizable interface
  • Viewing data
  • Filter, search functionality
  • Firewall

A video library is a centralized hub everyone can work from. It creates a space that is well managed, accessible and uniform. This provides accuracy and control over your video motion assets. Reduce confusion and save time with a video library that does a lot of the work for you.