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Secure Dropbox alternative for forward-moving organizations

by Casey Schmidt  |  May 28, 2018

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secure dropbox alternative

Using Dropbox as a file-hosting service is quickly becoming a suboptimal decision. File organization is a necessity, but companies are gravitating toward safer, more accessible, business-oriented tools. The next level in file storage is digital asset management (DAM) – the modern, further-evolved version of file-hosting. It’s a more organized way to securely store and share files. Here are the benefits from moving to this secure Dropbox alternative.

Secure Dropbox alternative – Tighter protection

Dropbox is a consumer-oriented platform, and the thought of trusting it with important data should make every organization cringe. DAM was designed specifically to secure files and keep track of employees’ access to the files.

There are a lot of protections DAM has in place that Dropbox doesn’t provide. In fact Dropbox comes up short in numerous areas when it comes to security. Having control over who has access to certain data is something Dropbox doesn’t offer. This potential liability isn’t a problem with DAM, as administrators are able to see who is viewing files and when. The digital security of DAM makes it a necessity for every company with sensitive assets and an important Dropbox alternative for companies.

An organization should never have to worry about sensitive data when it comes to cloud storage, which is why Canto digital asset management teams up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides the absolute safest cloud storage available. It also gives companies great speed to access their files, which is impressive considering the elite-level safekeeping it offers.

Secure Dropbox alternative – Targeted accessibility

DAM allows employees working on shared files to access certain data through searches of keywords. The data will be much easier for employees to both share and access. Files will be accurately organized, saving time and hassle.

Another key feature of DAM is the custom permissions component. This provides an easy-to-use overview of permission limits. Having complete control of who accesses what at the touch of a button will keep administrators’ tasks easy.

Cover of an ebook showing a computer screen with several photos in the background; a person in the front holds up a printed photo in comparison.

Being able to quickly access and share information is what makes organizations thrive. DAM has elevated its status as one of the superior Dropbox alternatives on the market. Dropbox lacks the full file-sharing functionality that DAM provides. Employees can share files on numerous devices and from various locations with a click or a tap. The quickness with which a file can be shared securely makes DAM the optimal file sharing and storing tool. And many tools, like Canto’s Cloud DAM, have a Dropbox integration.

A secure alternative to Dropbox – Business-oriented

Dropbox doesn’t give companies the numerous business-oriented options DAM offers. With DAM, employees working on projects are able to instantly share files with one another on a secure server. The organization and accessibility of images, videos and other digital assets allow projects to be completed on time. And its digital rights management features protect companies from potential lawsuits from copyright infringement.

Modernizing your business requires accurate knowledge of the most up-to-date tools, and digital asset management software is the most efficient, modern and alternatives to Dropbox. Switching from Dropbox to DAM is a big step in the right direction.

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