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Seoul, South Korea


Canto helps Amorepacific manage digital content on a global scale

A leader in the global beauty industry, Amorepacific Group is South Korea’s largest cosmetic company. They operate over 40 popular beauty and health brands, including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, innisfree, Etude, Espoir, and Illiyoon. Managing over 650,000 digital assets for so many brands and subsidiaries is a considerable undertaking — even more so now, as Amorepacific has expanded into new global markets and started shifting towards direct-to-consumer online sales in the wake of the pandemic.

Kyongsuk Lim is at the center of that effort. She builds and maintains websites and e-commerce platforms for Amorepacific and its global brands, and also leads the taskforce responsible for Amorepacific’s digital transformation. A major part of that initiative: putting the right tools in place to manage digital assets, ensuring that everyone at Amorepacific Group has easy access to the latest versions of the digital brand content they need.

The goal

Manage digital content at a global scale, with an intuitive system that works for different brands in multiple global markets — including English, Korean, and Chinese language options.

The result

With Canto, Amorepacific uses digital content more efficiently — enabling cost savings across the organization and creating a solid foundation to make their direct-to-consumer pivot a success.

The first step: Finding a digital asset management platform that’s up to the task

Amorepacific had tried working with a digital asset management platform before — a complex solution that was costly to build and difficult to use. User adoption was low, and it never really took off.

As Amorepacific and its subsidiaries began pivoting to online sales, the lack of a central platform to manage digital assets began to hinder progress. Kyongsuk realized that people were struggling to locate the content they needed, so she restarted the search for a digital asset management platform, expanding her options by considering vendors overseas.

After rigorously vetting three different providers, she was excited to partner with Canto. Not only was she pleased with Canto’s overall performance, she also appreciated its wide range of language options — including Korean and Chinese — an essential consideration for a global organization with users around the world.

“We also evaluated how each of the vendors treated us as customers,” Kyongsuk recalls. “The team at Canto was very engaged and supportive. Not just at the evaluation stage, but also all the way through the onboarding and implementation process.”

To get the platform up and running smoothly, Canto’s implementation team created a customized onboarding program — including training workshops, adding new languages, developer assistance for custom features, and an on-site visit to Amorepacific HQ to ensure everything was running to the team’s satisfaction. “Canto has supported us very actively, and continues to do so as we expand our media center and integrate it with other tools we’re using,” says Kyongsuk. “That’s been a big help in making this project a success.”

Product images from Amorepacific brand Sulwhasoo.

With Canto, Amorepacific can easily create and manage content for different brands and markets

Now that several of Amorepacific’s key brands and subsidiaries are set up with Canto, the team is already seeing a boost in efficiency. “With everything managed centrally, our workflows have gotten a lot faster,” says Kyongsuk. “We’re now able to deliver content to global markets much more efficiently.”

Processes that used to require cumbersome back-and-forth email exchanges — like coordinating with creative agencies and getting digital assets to teams in different markets — now flow seamlessly through Canto. “We’re hearing from users that it’s so comfortable to actually work now,” Kyongsuk reports.

Significant cost savings from repurposed content

Managing content centrally in Canto has also helped Amorepacific get more value out of each piece of content they create. With the company’s existing content consolidated into a single source of truth, it’s easy to find existing assets and repurpose them for different contexts instead of creating new content from scratch.

“It costs a lot to produce one piece of content,” Kyongsuk explains. “Because we do business worldwide, using Canto to distribute content to multiple countries can save a lot of money.”

Combined with cost savings from more efficient workflows, these benefits have had a ripple effect across the global organization. “We’re now reusing more content and removing redundancies in our workflows,” says Kyongsuk. “That’s had a significant impact.”

Ad for Sulwhasoo renewing serum.

An adaptable system for a complex global business

Amorepacific Group is a complex organization, with subdivisions, subsidiaries, and partners around the world. To ensure Canto works well for different users, they’ve adapted their content hubs to different groups. “Canto has seemingly unlimited possibilities,” says Kyongsuk. “It works for all the departments.”

Depending on the audience, different parts of the system are set up in English and Korean, and there are also spaces where global teams can collaborate in their native language. One of their latest projects is a Western content hub specifically for English-language social media content. Using Canto’s API, the team also built a custom dashboard to monitor how international teams are using Canto and track a range of unique KPIs, including how content is performing in different markets and traffic from different brands.

“It was great to get support from Canto to configure our set-up,” says Kyongsuk. “It’s really helpful that we were able to adapt everything to fit our unique business environment.”

Amorepacific product and marketing images in their Canto library.

Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud will make global e-commerce even easier

And what about the new direct-to-consumer e-commerce projects that initially sparked Amorepacific’s search for a new digital asset management platform? “Canto is now playing a huge role in Amorepacific Group’s digital transformation,” says Kyongsuk.

The team currently has a direct-to-consumer storefront set up for Hong Kong, and they’re expanding their direct-to-consumer offerings to other regions. “We plan to convert each brand website into a D2C mall,” Kyongsuk explains. “As we expand the D2C mall strategy, Canto will play an even more pivotal role.”

With so many brands in so many countries, populating those digital storefronts with properly formatted product images would be a difficult undertaking without a CDN in place. Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud will lighten the load, publishing assets from Canto automatically to Amorepacific’s e-commerce platforms and websites. That way, e-commerce managers won’t have to manually resize and upload images, saving lots of time and eliminating the need to store multiple copies of the same image.

Brand guidelines in Canto for the Amorepacific brand innisfree.

Kyongsuk Lim, Amorepacific

Canto is playing a huge role in Amorepacific Group’s digital transformation.

Kyongsuk LimTeam Lead, Digital Platform Innovation

The result: A digital content supply chain that runs smoothly at a global scale

With Canto working well for many of Amorepacific’s key brands, the team is now focused on rolling it out to other brands and subsidiaries. “It wasn’t easy to revisit this project after things didn’t go well with our previous provider,” Kyongsuk recalls. “But it’s been a real success.”

With Canto in place, Kyongsuk’s goals for the project are starting to take shape. The system she created is working well for a global team, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and allowing Amorepacific to quickly build a direct-to-consumer storefront.

“The executives are pleased,” says Kyongsuk, “and the everyday users who work with Canto really love it.”