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Content library bursting at the seams? Streamline content operations and grow your audience at scale with the leader in digital asset management.

Overcome content chaos and maximize productivity

  • Enhance content management

  • Streamline operations

  • Distribute at scale

Enhance content management

Leverage your content more efficiently

Centralize and organize vast amounts of media content, accelerating workflows at every stage of the content lifecycle. With everything at your fingertips, you can stay laser-focused on the strategic and creative work that attracts viewers, listeners, and readers.

Find the perfect media fast with AI

Looking for something specific? Simply describe what you need, and Canto’s AI Visual Search will serve up the perfect images and videos for any project. Looking for someone specific? With facial recognition, every image they appear in is just a few clicks away.

Streamline operations

Create and collaborate faster

Content production? Accelerated. Cross-functional collaboration? A breeze. Connect your content library directly to your favorite creative tools, and streamline the review process — so content gets out the door faster. Dedicated Workspaces give you space to collaborate, and version controls ensure everyone’s always working with the latest version.

Maximize productivity and boost content ROI

With faster workflows and fewer roadblocks, you can increase creative output without growing your team or spending more on external support. You’ll get more value out of each piece of content, too. When impactful brand assets are easy to find, people use them more — amplifying their reach and generating more revenue.

Distribute at scale

Share curated collections with anyone

Create curated content collections in polished, branded Portals. With on-demand access to the exact content they need, your teams and external partners can hit the ground running. They get a better user experience, and you control what content is out there representing your brand.

Manage and protect your brand

Have lots of contributors creating content for your brand? Ensure a consistent customer experience across every touchpoint with Canto’s brand management tools. Juggling complex usage rights? Built-in digital rights management makes it easy to avoid liability and keep content with lapsed usage permissions out of circulation.

Manage your vastly-growing media library with digital asset management

Learn how to organize, find, and share all your content faster and more effectively now.

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WE Communications

People will ask me if we’ve ever done a specific video, and with Canto, it’s easy to jump in and peruse what we have created in the past, create a link, and share the video with them. It’s just a huge time saver because everything is in one place.

Why top media and entertainment brands choose Canto

Unlimited Portals

Deliver curated content collections at scale. Serving lots of different teams and partners? Not a problem. You can make as many customizable Portals as you need.

Share collections

Digital rights management (DRM)

Protect your brand content and avoid content misuse. You can track usage rights, apply watermarks and terms of use, and easily remove expired content from circulation.

Protect your content


Collaborate privately on unfinished projects in dedicated workspaces. Once a project is approved and ready for prime time, you can add it to your main library in just a few clicks.

Create & collaborate

Video Enhancements

Ready to transform your video workflows? Organize and find clips fast with Smart Tags and facial recognition. Generate captions automatically. And embed your video content directly from Canto.

Video at scale

Media Delivery Cloud

Store it once. Display it everywhere. Media Delivery Cloud converts your images to different sizes and file types and publishes them instantly across a global content delivery network.

Publish automatically

Global language settings

Hallo! 你好! Hola! 여보! Sending content around the world? Team members and partners in different regions can use Canto in their native language.

Discover digital assets faster with Canto AI Visual Search

Free asset discovery from the limits of metadata. Use natural language to instantly find the most relevant images and videos in Canto.

Search with AI

See how Canto accelerates collaboration and sharing

Canto Portals: A better way to distribute digital assets

Find out five ways Canto customers are using Portals to beat the competition, including real-time file collaboration, approved logos and photography available on-demand, and even press kits.

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Increase the ROI of Your Content with Efficient and Effective Content Workflows

Want to generate more value with your brand’s creative assets? Learn how to make your content workflows more efficient and effective using Canto.

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Calculate the ROI of Digital Asset Management

Organizing, managing, and sharing digital content without the right tools is expensive. Find out how much your organization can save by eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing productivity on every team with Canto.

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