Plan. Create. Collaborate.

Streamline your creative workflow from beginning to end with Canto’s DAM. Let us help you handle your entire content creation process – from ideation to publication.

Easier planning and better collaboration lead to creating your best work.

Upload links

With Canto’s upload links, external collaborators can easily upload their work to Canto. And, once that’s done, you can pick what assets to add to your main library.


Working on a project that needs a lot of collaboration before it's available to all users? Try a Workspace. Canto’s private Workspaces allow invited users to collaborate on select assets. Once ready, you can easily add the assets to the main library.

Style Guides

Keep your team on brand with Canto’s Style Guides. You can create public or private guides that feature your brand’s colors, logos, and even key messaging. Style Guides ensure that your team is always in sync and on brand.

Brand templates

Power up teams to move faster and stay productive with brand templates. Create stunning InDesign templates in Canto where other brand collaborators can find, edit, and share your branded content - no InDesign skills needed.

Plan, create, and collaborate with powerful features and integrations.

Plan with

Work better together with and Canto. With this integration, you can find your files, easily attach them to projects, and push the finished content back to Canto – without leaving

Create with Canva

Keep creative collaboration flowing with the Canto and Canva integration. Easily access all of your assets from your Canto library and save your designs back to your library without leaving Canva.


With Canto’s Workflows feature, you can streamline your process from start to finish. Assign users and give your team the authority to control the completion of their creative projects.

Comments and annotations

Never lose another comment to your email again. Canto allows you to make comments and annotations directly inside the file, as it is saved in your library. The best part? You can always go back and see the older comments, and search for them, too.

Import options

With Canto, your team not only has a lot of importing options, but you also have more control over how things are uploaded. Set up mandatory and optional items, such as metadata or keywords, ensuring that your team is always adding exactly what you need to keep your library organized.

Asset requests

Get control over how your assets are shared with Canto’s asset request feature. You can distribute watermarked or low-resolution content to non-users. If they want the original content, they’ll have to place a request for the file before downloading it from a Portal.


Canto integrates with your favorite tools

Create, search, collaborate, and share content faster by connecting Canto to your existing content toolkit.

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Journey Beyond

You don’t know you need a digital asset management system until you have one, and then you realize what a difference it makes. And Canto is definitely the best DAM platform available.


Not only do more of our consultants now share powerful Victoria branded assets, we also have better internal team cohesion. Using Canto has brought us all closer together in a spirit of collaboration.

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