Metadata Management


Metadata management regulates the entire scope of a company’s metadata model

What Is Metadata Management?


Metadata management handles organizational use of data that describes additional data. Metadata management offers companies a system that helps control the implementation of metadata in daily operations. It is the overarching process that ensures companies successfully label and utilize metadata on their digital assets.

Metadata management organizes information about data for easy retrieval. With metadata, digital assets become accessible through detailed search functionality. It also boosts efficiency and accuracy with statistical analysis.

metadata management
metadata management

Increased Data Delivery Efficiency


Metadata management assures efficiency in data delivery. It mostly does this by monitoring the lifecycle of a piece of data, which gives valuable insight for organizations receiving and sending data. This cuts down on potential data errors which can ruin business reports and presentations.

Metadata management provides companies with a known location of data. This helps them quickly find it and informs them which type of data they have and when or where it was created and by whom. It usually creates taxonomy metadata within a company.

Metadata Management Software


Digital asset management (DAM) systems enhance the effectiveness of metadata management.  A DAM is an organizational tool that boosts the process of organizing data about files. It promotes metadata management through manipulation of metadata within the DAM system.

Digital asset management gives enterprises the ability to search metadata describing digital assets. It lets users search keywords to retrieve specific files from large digital asset databases. Finally, DAM creates a central library for users to search and share files.

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Metadata Management Resources

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