Metadata Management


Metadata management regulates the entire scope of a company’s metadata model.

What Is Metadata Management?


Metadata is information about data, such as size, date and location. It is data that describes other data, offering valuable insight into characteristics of a file. A good example of metadata is the running length of a video file.

Metadata management organizes this information for easy retrieval. With metadata management, digital assets become accessible through detailed search functionality. Metadata management also boosts efficiency and accuracy with statistical analysis.

metadata management
metadata management

How Digital Asset Management Promotes Metadata Management


Digital asset management (DAM) systems enhance the effectiveness of metadata management in a number of ways.  A DAM acts as an organizational tool to see metadata management through its entire process of organizing data about files. One of the strongest ways DAM promotes metadata management is its ability to manipulate and search metadata within the DAM system.

Digital asset management gives enterprises the ability to search metadata describing digital assets. It lets users search keywords to quickly retrieve specific files from large digital asset databases.

Benefits of DAM Metadata Management

Metadata Write Backs

DAM systems like Canto write metadata into files. This includes copyright license restrictions to help with digital rights management.

Status Management via Metadata

Metadata is used to track the status of an asset in a workflow or the position of a project.

Bulk Metadata Updates

With digital asset management, metadata is assigned based on user, filename and folder location. Automatically assigning associated metadata reduces errors and improves searchability.

digital asset management

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