Canto for Retail

No matter what you’re selling, from skincare to camping gear, you need cutting-edge marketing technology to keep up with customer demands! Whether you’re launching the latest product content or strengthening your brand’s identity, you can do it all with Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) platform.

Scale creative operations with digital asset management

  • Streamline. Create. Collaborate.

  • Build your brand

  • Increase content ROI

Streamline. Create. Collaborate.

Bring your vision to life

Canto streamlines creative operations with on-demand image cropping and resizing, faster site pages, and automated image delivery to your site, e-commerce platform, and social media platforms. Need more? Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud add-on amps up your content automation for faster asset deployment. Sync Canto to your PIM, CMS, and other content distribution tools in your tech stack.

Streamline asset collection and distribution

Ensure your dispersed teams, whether large or small, always have access to exactly what they need. Upload links easily collect assets and metadata from external teams. And with unlimited Portals, easily distribute content in a beautifully-branded package to internal or external teams with access permissions.

Collaborate more with integrations

With Canto’s integrations, you can keep your media production moving quickly. These integrations allow your teams to push and pull content direct from Canto’s media library into the tools your teams use daily. With popular integrations to Adobe’s Creative Cloud to Hootsuite and more, your teams can move faster.

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Build your brand

Keep everything brand consistent

Never worry about going off-brand again with Canto’s DAM. You can keep your brand consistent in person or online by adjusting specific user permissions, so your team can access the on-brand assets they need for their campaigns. Easily remove older files from the user view or instantly replace them with the latest approved files.

Improve customer experience

Take your existing assets and turn them into new and personalized content for your customers. With Canto’s powerful search, you can find content to easily repurpose for customized campaigns, like coupon codes, renewal notices, or resubscription offers. Make the most of the content you already have!

Control your brand’s image

Canto is your single source of truth for brand management and control. Easily create Style Guides to house everything internal or external teams need to get your brand right, including your logos, fonts, and company colors. Style Guides can be public or private.

Increase content ROI

Scale your asset management, and grow your content library

Your marketing technology should grow with you at your pace. Ensure your team is ready to scale content efforts with Canto. Our unparalleled search and unmatched tagging system keep your files organized and findable. Your team can search using anything—from categories to keywords to in-depth metadata.

Digital rights management inside Canto’s DAM

Manage all of your digital rights with Canto’s DAM. You’ll be able to efficiently ensure that you stay copyright compliant and protect your content from misuse directly inside your DAM. Just another way you’ll be able to take your workflow management into your own hands.

Optimize your internal and external collaboration

Whether you’re working with external teams or brand ambassadors, being able to provide them with curated libraries or upload links streamlines collaboration on content. Upgrade your collection and distribution workflows with Canto.

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Canto customers love our impact

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With everything managed centrally, our workflows have gotten a lot faster. We’re now able to deliver content to global markets much more efficiently.

La Martiniquaise Benelux

Since we’re a challenger with the big brands in both Belgium and the Netherlands, one of the goals is to increase the brand awareness around our brands. Reaching this goal is made easier because everything is set up perfectly in Canto.


We want to have people who, when they think of COOLA, they have an idea of who we are. And so in order to get that cohesive look across our entire company and in all our different channels, Canto has been a huge help.


Our data quality is very important. If we bring this concept to everyone that if they have good data if they can filter by tags and keywords and copyrights, and dates, that’s going to be easier for them and their partners to get the content they want.

Why the best brands in retail select Canto

Unlimited Portals

Distribute your content efficiently to your teams, partners, agencies, influencers, and more. Branded Portals give everyone access to exactly what they need.

Share collections

Interactive Style Guides

Don’t worry about off-brand content again. Create an easily accessible online location for your logos, colors, fonts, and anything else your teams need to stay on brand.

Keep on brand

Digital rights management (DRM)

Keep copyright compliant and protect your content from misuse easily with Canto. With DRM, you have access to watermarking, license data, and much more.

Stay compliant

Add-ons like Media Delivery Cloud

Boost your efficiency to the max with Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud. Show off products beautifully and automatically in every format, decrease your web page load times, and reduce your creative oversight.

Speed up your site

Simple pricing

We have the simplest pricing model on the market. You’ll never be surprised because there are no hidden costs.

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Manage many file types

Canto manages all of your digital asset types, not just images. From MP4 to PDF and everything in between, Canto has you covered. Say goodbye to shared drives!

No fuss. Manage your digital assets in a snap.

Canto helps Amorepacific manage digital content on a global scale

A global leader with 40+ beauty brands, Amorepacific needed a better way to manage their digital assets for their site and e-commerce platform. Canto helps Amorepacfic manage their global digital content.

How automation helped

How successful brands use Media Delivery Cloud to deliver outstanding digital experiences at scale

See how real-world teams go to market faster, increase conversions, and create better digital experiences for their customers using Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud add-on.

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Maximise Your Ambassador Marketing Efforts: A Look Inside Sony Europe’s DAM Strategy

Sony Europe manages thousands of images submitted by their 100+ ambassadors. They needed a better way to track and verify the flood of image submissions. Enter Canto.

DAM changed everything

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