Canto for travel and hospitality

Deliver beautiful content that brings experiences to life.

When you want to sell someone on the feeling of a place, images and video are everything. In Canto, you can manage all your visual content from a single hub – getting it where it needs to go, and painting a vivid picture of what customers can expect from your brand.

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How digital asset management can help travel and hospitality brands

Desktop view of DAM for travel and hospitality in Canto
Mobile view of DAM for travel and hospitality in Canto

All your images and media in one place

Canto is a fully searchable hub for all your digital content – putting your images, videos and other digital assets at your fingertips. Find what you’re looking for in seconds and easily share content with anyone who needs it.

Desktop view of DAM for travel and hospitality in Canto
Mobile view of DAM for travel and hospitality in Canto

A better way to share content with partners and agencies

Do you work with travel agents? Sales teams? Journalists? With Canto’s flexible sharing portals, the partners you rely on have a go-to place to get updated images, videos, logos and other brand assets – without having to email you every time.

Two individuals rowing in a lake near mountains
Canto’s Comment dialog box stating latest version of asset
Canto’s Comment dialog box stating asset approval

Keep internal and external content creators aligned

From photoshoot to editor and back into your library – a streamlined workflow puts everyone on the same page, so you can get content finalized and deployed faster. With flexible user permissions, collaborators can access everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Canto analytics dashboard showing downloads, total assets, file transfer and users
Canto analytics dashboard showing most searched

Refine your content strategy with reporting insights

Find out what content is making the biggest splash. Canto’s reporting shows you which assets people search for and download most frequently, so you can dial in your content strategy and focus your resources.

Canto makes the tools you already use even better

No more downloading and uploading every time you need an image. Access your Canto library directly in your favorite tools, from Adobe Creative Cloud to Slack. With over 30 out-of-box integrations, Canto snaps into your existing software ecosystem.

Digital Asset Management

Return on Investment

DAM users are 3x more likely to see a significant increase in content ROI within a year. Estimate your content ROI with our ROI calculator and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, with Canto and your content.

Thousands of customers trust Canto

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