Cloud File Storage


Digital asset management (DAM) organizes and protects your digital files and rich media brand assets

Cloud File Storage Systems


As your business grows and your team creates, stores, and shares thousands of digital assets you need a central storage location. But basic cloud storage solutions likely won’t scale to all of your needs. These solutions lack robust features like workflow management, approval processes and advanced search capabilities that digital asset management can offer.

The most popular systems that provide basic file storage are Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. They’re certainly efficient for simple file storage and sharing in the cloud – but lack robust features of a comprehensive digital asset management system.

cloud file storage
cloud file storage

Who Needs Advanced Cloud File Storage?


Professionals who work with large amounts of rich media assets, including digital images, videos, photographs, audio files, PDF documents, presentations and many others benefit from digital asset management software. The most common professions that can really utilize digital asset management are:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Art directors
  • Photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • Advertising/branding consultants
  • Social media managers & directors

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Is Cloud File Storage Safe?


Cloud storage services are generally safer than other solutions, thanks to enhanced encryption methods. They utilize advanced and complex algorithms to conceal and protect information. Accessing protected files on cloud storage would require an encryption key, and would-be hackers don’t possess the processing power to decrypt secured files without a key.

Advanced solutions like digital asset management have built-in digital rights management protections. These give you the ability to avoid copyright infringement and protect your company against damaging lawsuits.

digital asset management

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