Cloud File Storage


Adapting to the new way companies organize and retrieve digital content.

Who Needs Cloud File Storage?


Companies looking to expand the size of their database require cloud file storage. The best cloud software holds infinite data and offers search functions to organize a company’s entire digital asset inventory.

Professionals who work with large amounts of digital assets, including images, videos, presentations benefit from a cloud system. The search, security and space-saving benefits of cloud storage create efficient workflows.

cloud file storage
cloud file storage

Cloud File Storage Security Considerations


Cloud storage services are secured using enhanced encryption methods. They conceal information using complex security algorithms. Accessing protected files on most cloud storage systems requires an encryption key.

Advanced cloud storage solutions like digital asset management (DAM) have built-in digital rights management protection. This prevents copyright infringement and protects companies from damaging lawsuits.

Use Digital Asset Management for Cloud File Storage


Companies with a plethora of digital assets need a centralized storage location to maintain efficiency. Basic cloud storage solutions don’t offer this, and also lack workflow management and search features. Digital asset management provides the advanced tools necessary to preserve organization of digital content.

Digital asset management offers a comprehensive file storage with powerful tools to maximize the retrieval and safety of sensitive digital content. Consider upgrading to a DAM for file storage built for business.

digital asset management

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