Cloud file storage

The powerful way companies organize and retrieve digital content

Cloud file storage

Expand your database size

Chances are you’ll need to expand the size of your database. For this reason, it makes sense to implement cloud file storage.

More hard drive space locally

The cloud frees up local hard drive space. Consider the ways this boosts projects and campaigns as well.

Safe file location and sharing

Cloud file storage systems are encrypted and share files securely. Select a system that offers advanced security features.

A cloud shaped of glowing interconnected points, signifying up- and download capabilties and raining data streams of ones and zeroes.

What is cloud file storage?

Cloud storage is a file management tool that functions by housing endless amounts of data for uploading and downloading. It stores user information on a remote server rather than on their hard drive. It is a digital system that organizes information, files and data. The entire maintenance of a cloud system is handled by cloud file storage companies.

Why use cloud file storage?

If you’re a company looking to expand the size of their database, cloud file storage is a necessity. The best cloud systems have search functions that organize entire digital asset inventories as well. They also minimize IT involvement and reduce system down times.

If you’re a professional who works with large amounts of digital assets such as images, videos and presentations you’ll benefit from cloud systems. The search, security and space-saving benefits of cloud storage create efficient workflows.

A laptop, a desktop computer and a mobile phone are connected by conductor paths to a cloud symbol, which in turn is connected to several servers.

Cloud file storage benefits

A lot of cloud storage offers extensive security, which gives users the ability to safely share files. Furthermore, this reduces the chance of breaches on sensitive data and stored digital assets. Another benefit of cloud file storage is the physical drive space relief. Users can transfer their entire catalog of digital files to the cloud and free up their hard drives.

A row of several blue cloud symbols overlaying a digital backdrop of glowing alphanumerical characters; one of the clouds stands out in red and is marked by a closed padlock.

What type of cloud file storage software should you use?

Basic cloud storage solutions lack workflow management and search features. Digital asset management (DAM), on the other hand, provides advanced tools that preserve organization of digital content in a central location. Canto DAM offers a comprehensive file storage with powerful tools to maximize the retrieval and safety of sensitive digital content. Consider upgrading to a DAM for file storage built for business.

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