Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Accelerate your marketing campaigns with effortless content management

With Canto’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, you can add your approved on-brand images from your Canto library in-app directly into your emails and templates. Go to market faster by easily powering your marketing campaigns with Canto.

Streamline campaign creation

Go to market faster than ever with Canto’s integration with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It’s an effortless way to add approved brand images and execute campaigns at scale, your teams will have all the tools they need to be the most effective marketers.

Boost content ROI

Instantly find branded images in your Canto library right from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and repurpose existing images with ease, eliminating the need for your team to generate new content. With your image library at your fingertips, you’ll get the most out of your brand assets and increase your content ROI.

Keep your brand consistent and reputation protected

Say goodbye to the risks associated with using unapproved, outdated, or unlicensed images in your marketing campaigns. Canto ensures an on-brand experience at every marketing touchpoint, strengthening your brand identity.

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