A couple months ago our Canto Web Wizard, Ian Ray, shared with me the most amazing websites for a content marketer – the best free stock photo websites. These photo sites had engaging, real photos. It was like getting presents on Christmas … maybe not that far, but it was better than the multitude of photos I had to search through on iStock to find one good photo. Of course iStock has its benefits, but these sites have some great quality, authentic photos.

After using practically every free stock photo website known to man, I will reveal the list of lists for Free Stock Photo Websites.


Unsplash.com has amazing, beautiful, high quality photos. They are categorized and searchable. I love all of these photos because they are all interesting and many of the landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. They are different than the normal stock photos you will find on iStock.

Favorite photo:

A green bike image taken from a stock photo website.
Unsplash has a searchable database of images.


Picjumbo.com is as big as its URL sounds. It has a huge selection of free pictures. This huge database can be separated by category or searched. You can find a lot of different types of photos here. The only thing is that there are so many that you could be on this site for a long time.

Favorite photo:

Picture of a computer desk from a free stock photo site.
Picjumbo has a giant database of images.


Pexels.com, like Picjumbo, has a humongous assortment of free stock photos. I spent probably an hour going through their technology photos. They may have a lot of photos, but they start to become more basic as you move toward the final pages.

Favorite photo:

Picture of a laptop and cell phone from a stock website.
Pexels is loaded with technology photos.


Pixabay is an awesome free stock photo website, not only due to its huge database, but also because it has vector images and illustrations that are free of charg! You can search by image type, orientation, category and color.

Favorite Photo:

Pen and paper picture from one of the best free stock photo websites.
Pixabay has vector images.


Splitshire.com is awesome. There are a lot of different categories plus a search capability. What I like best about this site is the mock up category so I can download images set to fit my product.

Favorite Photo:

A downloaded image from a free image site.
Splitshire allows images to be downloaded quickly.

Jay Mantri

I absolutely love jaymantri.com not just because there are free photos, but because these are beautiful, artistic images. It feels like you’re going through an online exhibition. Jay uploads seven new photos each week.

Favorite photo:

A canoe from a stock image site.
Jay Mantri’s photos look like they’re in an art museum.


Gratisography.com has images all shot by Ryan McGuire. I’m not going to lie, some of these images are odd, but he definitely has some awesome photos in there. These images are artistic and have a unique Ryan McGuire style to them.

Favorite Photo:

Free stock image of a turtle.
Gratisography has versatile images.


The photos on Picography are unique and don’t necessarily overlap with other websites. There are multiple photos from really cool places, statues, architecture and nature. There are not as many photos as other websites, but these are high quality photos that are engaging and unique.

Favorite Photo:

An exclusive colored stock photo.
Picography has exclusive stock photos.


StockSnap.io is an awesome site. The way photos are displayed reminds me of Tumblr. You can like a photo and sort by how many people have seen or downloaded it. These photos are also searchable, but do not have categories.

Favorite Photo:

Team members using free stock photos.
Stocksnap has a social media aspect to it.

IM Creator

IM Creator is great because of its categorized collections. One of the best is the category of free templates. However, I will say their photo library is not very large.

Favorite Photo:

Man discusses stock photos on his phone.
Make sure to thank photographers who took the photos.

Also, you should buy these awesome photographers a coffee on their website as a way to say thanks for the free, awesome photos.

If you need help organizing these photos, check out an image database.