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If you’re one of the many Twitter users, it’s important that you learn the latest minimum image sizes as well as the methods used to fit into those sizes. Here are all the important numbers and a guide to help you meet image requirements.

What Is the Best Twitter Image Size in 2019?

The minimum width of a tweeted image is 600 pixels. The minimum height of a tweeted image is 335 pixels. Therefore, the best Twitter image size is at minimum 600×335 pixels. The maximum image file size on Twitter is 5mb from a mobile device, 15 on the web.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to manipulate images to make sure they’re the right size and file type. A lot of the methods used to change image sizes are available through operating systems such as Windows or Mac. These methods typically involve changing file sizes and converting image files into different extensions.

How to Meet Image Size Requirements

Now that you have a grasp of the required sizes for images on Twitter, it’s important to have a strategy for when your image doesn’t fit the dimensions. One easy method to use is compression. Users compress images when they want to maintain a decent amount of quality yet have a smaller file. There is compression software available on the web, though compressing a file is possible through the Windows and Mac operating systems as well.

A picture of Microsoft Paint editing an image.
Change the Twitter image size using the Paint pixels tool.

A good way to check and alter the pixel sizes of your image is using the Paint tool on Windows. Paint comes with a built-in pixel tool. To check the pixel size, open the image file you wish to tweet. Click the ‘resize’ button. Check the ‘pixel’ bubble and see if the pixel dimensions fit the tweet requirements. If they don’t, you can enter new pixel numbers to resize.

Which Image File Types Should I Use for Twitter?

There are certain image file types that work best for Twitter due to size and compatibility. Certain image file types don’t work for tweets. One of the most common and useful image files to use is the PNG. The PNG file type is a high quality image that meets Twitter requirements. Another good option for tweets is the JPEG file type. The JPEG is lesser quality than the PNG but it still works well for Twitter.

A picture of a hand holding a cue card that is showing the hashtag symbol from Twitter.
Choose the correct image file types to use on Twitter.

GIF images originally weren’t allowed on Twitter, or at least showed up as non-animated photos. However, that has changed and GIF is now a part of the Twitter atmosphere as long as it fits the correct pixel size requirements. The BMP and TIFF image file types are not compatible with Twitter. To tweet using a BMP or TIFF, consider converting the file into an acceptable image type such as PNG.

Learning all the new requirements for Twitter image sizes in 2019 is important, especially if your business operates on Twitter. As with all social media, keep current with updates to restrictions in order to succeed.

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