User roles

Learn about the three available user roles and their functions: Administrators, Contributors and Consumers. Each comes with their own set of permissions and capabilities.

Screenshot of the account overview page for admin users in the Canto DAM.


Admins are in control of your Canto account. They’re business users, not IT, who set permissions for other users, run detailed reports and customize the entire Canto experience.

Screenshot of the detailed view of an asset in the Canto DAM; it shows the picture of surfers with their boards at a beach at sunset, and the image title, description as well as keywords and tags to the right.


Contributors can take advantage of Canto’s many features, including uploading content, adding descriptive metadata and creating folders and albums to maintain your library’s organization.

Screenshot of the main media library of the Canto DAM with previews of images showing houses and real estate.


Consumers are granted limited access to Canto. They can download, preview and share digital assets – but they can’t edit content, upload files or adjust your Canto account.

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