How to Add Metadata to Improve DAM Search Capabilities

Are you onboarding to digital asset management but not sure how to organize your assets for searchability?

Placing all your brand’s assets into a digital asset management (DAM) platform is the first step toward gaining operational efficiency, scaling content production, and unifying teams. But unless your assets are searchable within your new centralized library, your teams will struggle to find the content they need.

Including different types of metadata, which is detailed information about your digital assets, helps teams find the files they need quickly in your new digital asset management platform. But creating the optimal taxonomy and metadata search journey can get complicated when multiple teams are involved and have specific metadata requirements. That’s where Canto comes in.

In this digital asset management metadata checklist, you will learn:

  • How to create an optimal discovery journey for all teams using DAM
  • What keywords, tags, and custom fields are and how they work to create searchability
  • Best practices for implementing metadata in digital asset management

Download the Canto digital asset management metadata checklist to improve searchability today.

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