Organize, Find and Share Your Brand Assets

The best image library for managing, publishing and distributing brand assets

Are you tired of hunting for your brand images?

Let’s face it – Dropbox was never meant to be a media library. Flight’s features make it easy to upload, organize, search, protect and share your visual images, videos and other brand assets.

Flight’s features make it possible for marketing and creative teams of all sizes to work efficiently and effectively across the organization.

Organize visual content in a visual way

Flight simplifies how you manage your image library. Folders and albums offer powerful sorting options, while keywords and tags provide easy labeling. Image recognition auto-suggests tags for you. Smart Albums automatically sort content by file type. Large previews, HD video playback, personal collections and relating files to each other all help keep your brand assets just a few clicks away.

digital asset management canto interface

Search for all your brand assets from a central library

Can we let you in on a little digital asset management secret? If you take the time up front to add descriptive tags, keywords and custom metadata to your digital assets, your team’s search results will thank you long into the future.

However, even if little or no metadata has been added to your content in Flight, even the broadest search results can be filtered by other information that Flight automatically extracts; such as who uploaded the file, what date it was added, file size ranges, image orientation and much more. With Flight, search becomes a powerful time-saving practice instead of a chore.

Share: Control how you share your digital assets

Share assets on-the-fly with team members and outside collaborators. You can send links that expire, instead of bulky email attachments. Flight lets you choose to add watermark overlays for added protection. One of the most popular ways to share content from your Flight media library, is to create branded self-service portals – perfect for distributing sales materials, event photography, press kits, brand centers and more.

Previews: Gallery-style previews let you showcase your brand assets

Easily preview visual content within Flight’s elegant, gallery-style interface. Just a single click displays full-screen images, HD videos, Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, InDesign layouts and more. And instantly see related files as they appear as a filmstrip of thumbnails.

User Roles: Need different levels of access? Assign different user roles and groups

Flight has five different types of users. Each comes with its own set of permissions and capabilities – from uploading content, running reports and customizing the entire Flight setup, down to restricted downloading, preview-only and searching only certain albums. User groups can be created to simplify permission management.

Branding: Host your digital assets in a tool that complements your brand

Brand identity is important to your success. Reinforce your brand by adding your own splash login screen and welcome message, as well as brand colors and in-app logo.

From your main Flight library, you can create separate Portals for each division, chapter, department, client or other stakeholder group. Each distribution Portal that you create can have it’s own separate branding – giving users an elevated high-touch experience. Even save multiple branding themes for later re-use.

Security: Know that your valuable assets are safely guarded

Your valuable brand assets are safe and secure within Flight. Our application runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is housed in highly secure data centers. This means state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. You decide how sophisticated your users’ passwords must be. Two-factor authentication is another option to add even more protection.

Integrations: Your image library connects beautifully to the tools you use everyday

Finally, an end to the download – upload game! Simply drag and drop images directly from Flight into your Web CMS platform, marketing automation, messaging apps, email app, PowerPoint, social media tools, Adobe Creative tools and any system integration that accepts drag & drop functionality!

Need help getting content into Flight? No problem, connect your Dropbox, Box or Google Drive account to import files in bulk.

Collaborate with your team

Develop new ideas, set approval status on files and communicate from inside the application. Our easy-to-use Workspace and Portals features ensure that content is only available for access when approved, on-brand and ready for sharing.

Reporting lets you analyze your DAM system usage

A simple and intuitive admin dashboard gives you a clear overview of your digital asset management storage, file types, user activity, top downloads and more. Additional reports give you insight to the top search terms, sharing history, most frequently used tags and keywords and other activity.

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