Share your digital images, videos and documents easily between Cumulus and Dropbox by Idea7.

Share files in the cloud

Using the Dropbox integration your team can quickly share Cumulus assets with their network with a simple and direct cloud file share. Easily pull images from Cumulus to send to external freelancers or your internal marketing team. Access your files, anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  With the Dropbox integration you can process images on the fly and replace or rename a file that already exists. Create or select the destination folder in your Dropbox space as well as create sub-folders in your Dropbox space from Cumulus categories. No need to worry about running out of space. You can easily backup your assets from your Dropbox account to Cumulus. Experience how easy it is to get an abundant amount of digital files from one place to another with the Dropbox integration by Idea7.

Dropbox screenshot

Process images, documents or videos on the fly with the Cumulus and Dropbox integration.