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AI in digital marketing – 3 powerful benefits

by Casey Schmidt  |  March 10, 2020

3 min. read
An AI representation on a digital screen.

The power of AI is growing rapidly! Digital marketers have already begun finding innovative ways to implement it into their applications. As artificial intelligence evolves, chances are it will be involved in a lot more digital marketing schemes, projects and campaigns. Here are three ways AI has drastically reformed the landscape of digital marketing.

1. Digital customer connection

The idea of AI connecting with customers seems backwards. Common wisdom suggests that human touch is necessary to make powerful campaigns that connect with other people. Well, that’s all in the past now. Artificial intelligence has given companies the chance to focus in on specific markets and efficiently target audiences that will have a higher percentage chance to connect with the business.

One example of this is with analysis of campaign projects. With all the data and different forms of information AI is able to go over quickly, it’s able to help us shape our new digital marketing campaigns to better serve potential customers. Let’s say that a company compiled a collection of data based on a page on their business website. It brought in information such as how many people clicked, at what time of the day, what ages they were, etc. With AI, this data is quickly compiled and then used to recommend which types of tasks would best reach customers. The same thing applies to other tasks and processes as well, such as email campaigns.

A group of digital customers.
AI pushes the right content into campaign centers.

2. Extensive handling of content

Similar to the idea of AI connecting with humans, content is also an area where it seems strange to think that AI would be able to handle the creative aspects required to impact content positively for companies. However, as we’re seeing recently, AI is helping businesses create and manage content effectively. Even though the content creation technology of AI is in its infancy, that doesn’t stop it from delivering things like keywords to companies to suggest titles and headers for new articles and blog posts.

On top of delivering new ideas for content that will attract the right customers, AI is capable of managing company content efficiently. This usually involves working with each new digital marketing creation, such as an article, social media post, etc. and organizing them in a fashion that suits specific customers. If AI is delivering relevant content to your customers, half the battle is already won. Add the power of AI to your arsenal and boost your existing technology tools, such as your enterprise content management systems.

A group of digital frames.
AI handles content much better than previously thought.

3. Smarter chatbots

A lot of companies have already discovered and benefited from the chatbot technology. They provide efficient, life-like customer service without any human requirement. Chatbots don’t require any type of continued pay, either. As the chatbot never sleeps, businesses are able to keep up with all types of customer requests at all times of the day.

Now, digital marketers are discovering how important chatbots have become as well. Aside from what a chatbot can represent (a company that is technologically-proficient and adaptive), it also helps draw sales from numerous different marketing channels. This performance continues to expand each year.

With the overwhelming benefits for digital marketing teams, it’s clear that utilizing AI boosts performance and productivity. Obviously, the level of artificial intelligence that teams will employ remains a decision of preference. Having said that, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the more AI marketers are able to effectively use, the better suited they’ll be to tackle the tasks of tomorrow.