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Canto cleans Ocean Beach

by Catherine Chiang  |  September 3, 2019

1 min. read
Canto Cares Ocean Beach Cleanup

What better place to enjoy summer than at the beach? Inspired by our customer Pam Lamon of Seattle Aquarium’s tips for an eco-conscious beach day, our Canto Cares volunteer group set out to clean up San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

Canto Cares Ocean Beach Cleanup

San Francisco summers are notoriously foggy, but the skies cleared up for our excursion to Ocean Beach. Armed with trash pickers and heavy duty gloves, we swept the sands for any traces of irresponsible fun (bottles, cigarettes, wrappers – even one, shall we say, trashy novel) and other debris that could harm marine life.

Canto Cares Ocean Beach CleanupCanto Cares Ocean Beach Cleanup

It was a beautiful way to spend a Thursday afternoon, and it certainly felt good to leave the beach cleaner than we found it!

Interested in joining this fun, beach-loving crew? Learn about our open positions here.