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Canto community connects in Chicago

by Jack Huber  |  December 3, 2019

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Jack Huber with members of the Canto Community in Chicago.

This Thanksgiving, I was thankful for the opportunity to gather with members of our growing Canto Community in my hometown of Chicago.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we gathered for a ‘healthy-ish’ lunch at the popular, California-inspired Pacific Standard Time (best pita in Chicago!). Our Chicago-based community of talented creative professionals from organizations like PAWS Chicago, The Moody Bible Institute, Entertainment Cruises, and Intelligent Medical Objects shared stories, interests, and, of course, a few Canto best practices!

Jack Huber with members of the Canto Community in Chicago.

Some learnings were obvious while others were hard to believe. It was no surprise that everyone at lunch digs our Canto portals. What was stunning was that two Chicago-based community members went to the same small college (ever heard of Elon?) in a small town in North Carolina! Additionally, I could have guessed that everyone would be excited to learn more about our newest Adobe integration, but I did not expect to learn that everyone at lunch had some background in graphic design. And finally, I was very happy to hear that everyone wants to meet more members of our Canto Community.

On behalf of Canto, I’d like to say thanks to every member of our wonderful community. We are just getting started and look forward to gathering with many more of you soon!