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Canto connects the SF creative community to discuss the art of visual storytelling

by Catherine Chiang  |  February 28, 2020

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Two women sitting on a stage.

Two women sitting on a stage.At Canto, we believe that creativity is innately human. We also believe that human beings crave real life connection, especially in our increasingly digital age. That’s why we launched our Canto Connect event series, which brings creatives from different fields together to share and learn from each other.

We hosted our first Canto Connect event right here in San Francisco. Our awesome speakers, Bridget Watson Payne, editorial director of art publishing at Chronicle Books, and Amelia Davis, photographer and author, discussed visual storytelling and everything behind-the-scenes of Amelia’s book, Jim Marshall: Show Me The Picture.

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A band performing on stage.As late rock-and-roll photographer Jim Marshall’s archivist, Amelia has access to thousands of his black-and-white film photos, which capture iconic moments from musical legends such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Her challenge was how to distill all of that into a book that tells the story of Jim Marshall’s legacy.

That’s where Bridget comes in – as a book editor, she helps authors shape their stories in the best way possible and make their vision a reality. We loved learning how these two talented creatives collaborated to bring this book to life!

Thanks to our speakers and community of SF creative professionals for making our first Canto Connect event one to remember!

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