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Canto volunteers for St. Anthony’s free clothing program

by Catherine Chiang  |  February 21, 2020

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Photo of the volunteers at St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program.

At least once a quarter, our volunteer group Canto Cares gets together to give back to the community. Our first volunteering event in 2020 was at St. Anthony’s, a nonprofit organization serving low-income and homeless communities in San Francisco.

Photo of the volunteers at St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program.Among many other services, St. Anthony’s runs a free clothing program. We volunteered to sort and hang clothing donations and help families find the items they need.

Photo of the Canto volunteers helping out at St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program.It was a wonderful experience to learn about the great work St. Anthony’s does, and play a small part in it ourselves! Thanks for having us, St. Anthony’s!