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Machine learning marketing – new ways to reach audiences

by Casey Schmidt  |  April 3, 2020

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Machine learning digitized.

Machine learning is changing the way marketers create campaigns and utilize data. Due to growing customer demands for unique campaigns and content, marketers need to use every resource they can to meet these needs. This is why a solid understanding of machine learning is so important. Use this guide to learn what it is and how you can benefit from it for your next marketing campaign.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is when a computer analyzes data and research then uses complex algorithms to perform different tasks. It is computers and machines completing tasks without programming stating specific directions or detailed instructions. Machine learning is the process of computers learning new things using information.

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Machine learning finds solutions to tasks.

This concept allows for the analysis of very large sets of information in a short period of time. When it comes to marketing, this type of analysis frees up teams and gives them a chance to embark on more creative endeavors. To provide an example that demonstrates machine learning, think of a computer that arranges puzzle pieces. Every time it gets two put together correctly, it receives a positive response. It then learns how to complete the puzzle. On a larger scale, this type of learning allows teams to use these tools to help them find ideas using data.

Things to avoid concerning machine learning

Though machine learning can be a very powerful tool, it’s important not to overestimate it’s importance or abilities. It’s equally as important not to remove ourselves from the equation as a result. Machine learning doesn’t work the same way, say, a vending machine does. We don’t set it up in a lobby and only return to it to collect cash and make repairs. Instead, we want to constantly evaluate the way it can help us and use it as a way to discover new possibilities.

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There are some technology myths that can harm teams.

Another common mistake marketing teams make is confusing machine learning with AI. Though they are both very similar, they’re not quite interchangeable. There are some small, subtle differences that need to be understood before extensively using these particular tools in important campaigns. Make sure you have a strong understanding of the difference between AI and machine learning before getting started.

Unique marketing benefits

One of the least expected machine learning benefits is probably the way in which machine learning can help teams discover new audience tendencies. There are often some very important ideas hidden under mounds of data. We do our best to sift through analysis and locate trends, but sometimes the machines just do it better. Machine learning can discover unique ways to target audiences and revamp products and services. Use this as a way to supplement your own analysis and data research.

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There are plenty of lesser-known benefits to learn about.

We typically believe machine learning will handle tasks for us and help better analyze audiences. Though it will definitely do these things, it’s also capable of doing something just as important though underutilized – examining our own resources, projects and data. Implement machine learning to scrutinize your own campaigns in order to make sure bias isn’t restricting progress and potential change.

The most important thing to remember is that machine learning is only a small part of our marketing process. Things like creating valuable content and communicating well with other team members are vital, especially if we want machine learning to even be an effective option in the slightest.