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The 3 most exciting and unique marketing podcasts available

by Casey Schmidt  |  March 17, 2020

4 min. read
A desk with podcast tools.

The popularity of podcasts is exploding, delivering a lot of great content as well as shows that don’t quite measure up. In fact, the podcast boom has left us with an overwhelming amount of different options. Unlike other mediums, it’s a lot more difficult to determine whether a podcast is worth your time without immersing yourself into its content. Luckily, there are others who have gone through these shows and understand which are of the highest quality. To make your venture into marketing podcasts more efficient, I’ve found three of the most helpful, well thought-out shows available. Give them a shot to see which one you prefer.

1. Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast

Who: Louis Grenier

Where: Everyone Hates Marketers

How: Apple Podcasts; Directly on EHM website as well

What: Expert guests from different marketing teams; helpful topics; marketing planning and more

The EHM podcast icon.
The Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast goes against the grain.

Everyone Hates Marketers has a podcast that raises the proverbial bar in terms of marketing scruples, and thus, effectiveness. It was created upon the principle that marketing should be a positive effort, used to help customers make decisions rather than trick them into a harmful choice for the benefit of a company. The basis of this show is to provide marketers with effective ways to move away from previously-used ‘shady’ tactics and into a new era of marketing that audiences will love. Host Louis Grenier makes it clear that these fundamentals are key to his success and wants to share the details with other marketers to create a better system.

What makes this podcast so helpful is the detailed analysis of each topic. A lot of different expert guests fill each new episode with new insight about specific ideas and challenges that marketers face daily. This diverse array of guests, topics and ideas keeps this show fresh and helpful each episode. Furthermore, the underlying presence of ideals, keeping marketing ‘clean’, is a breath of fresh air. Tune into the Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast if you’re looking for a new way market.

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Who: Michael Stelzner

Where: Social Media Examiner

How: Apple Podcasts; SMM home page

What: Marketing topics in relation to social media; expert social media advice; interviews

The SME icon picture.
The Social Media Marketing Podcast gives insight into a specific area.

I felt it necessary to include the Social Media Marketing Podcast in this list because of how focused it is on an emerging topic of importance – social media. Different social media sites, previously specific to certain tasks, have grown to be hotspots for marketers to succeed with new campaigns. Host Michael Stelzner helps us examine the way we as marketers currently handle different social media options in our campaigns and gives us advice on how to do it more efficiently.

The reason this podcast stands out is it magnifies a small corner of the marketing world, whereas most podcasts try to tackle every topic simultaneously (and often stretch themselves too thin as a result!). By keeping a sharp focus on social media marketing, this podcast gives listeners a chance to really hone their marketing chops in one area. The interviews are always well-done and informative, with guests who know their stuff. Check out the Social Media Marketing Podcast if you want to break through with some social media success.

3. Marketing School

Who: Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Where: Marketing School

How: Apple Podcasts; MS home page directly

What: Short episodes about a range of topics; industry experts; bountiful tips

The MS podcast icon image.
The Marketing School podcast is shorter in length.

We round out the list with Marketing School, a show by two marketing experts designed to give everyone a bit of marketing knowledge. Hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu take the listener on a journey through complex marketing topics, introducing amazing ideas that are sure to leave lasting impressions on marketing careers. Each episode’s topic is highly unique with ideas that other podcasts typically don’t tackle.

What makes Marketing School such a unique experience is the format. We’ve grown accustomed to podcasts over the years as a certain length, generally between 45 minutes to over an hour. Though this is an acceptable length and has become a standard of sorts, Marketing School went the other way entirely with a range of 3 to 7 minute episodes. This has led to a lot more different unique topics to cover and not as big of commitment by listeners. If this type of format, headed by industry experts excites you, check out the Marketing School Podcast.

As the world of podcasts grows, make sure you focus on a few powerful shows in order to not get lost in a sea of content. Narrow the variety of your marketing podcasts in order to find ones that suit you best.