Slack File Storage – Improved Benefits for Companies


Slack has earned the title of most popular messaging tool, but there’s a lesser-examined function that deserves mention: file storage. Slack hosts files the same way other cloud storage systems do. Here are dynamic features to help your company utilize Slack file storage.

Numerous Options to Share a File Accelerates Team Projects

When Slack is used exclusively for an enterprise’s messaging and file storage, companies thrive from uncluttered workflow. This is because stored files can be shared quickly among team members, and no users resort to secondary software to manage tasks. An important aspect Slack file-sharing is the multiple ways members are able to share.

Woman reviewing company's Slack file storage.
Upload files from numerous sources and drives.

Users can upload the file from their computer, which is likely to give better leverage to members who want to work on some project features from home. They can also post a link directly from cloud storage. This creates uncluttered work projects, which in turn get finished quicker and more accurately.

Enhance Communication by Sharing Specific Files

To stay on topic and maximize conversational flow, you can share files and include their main ideas and comments. This boosts communication because applicable information is attached to each shared file, preventing confusion. This also saves time as members don’t need to spend resources or sacrifice productivity explaining the shared file.

An example to demonstrate this would be a Slack channel discussing a work project about honey. A member posts a video about bees, which he or she knows will help create background and understanding of the project due to the fact bees begin the honey process. Instead of explaining this to prove relevance, the attachment shared will have necessary information included and can have attached explanations that are uncluttered.

Access Slack file storage space from laptops.
Sharing files in Slack allows teams to attach relevant information.

Maximize Slack File Storage Through Integrations

When a file is stored in Slack, the intention is to share it in relevant channels eventually. However, the issue that can hold this process back is the lack of metadata in the file storage. Luckily, Slack has resolved this issue by offering an integration with Canto digital asset management. DAM syncs with Slack to instantly share stored images with other team members.

Most importantly, DAM uses metadata which allows users to search for specific images. This speeds up the sharing process and lets members quickly complete projects with minimal delay. As users familiarize themselves with the metadata feature, they’ll begin to share more relevant images and files with team members, making for more accurate projects.

Slack file storage is best utilized by businesses when users understand the important features and potential of the system. Unlock these capabilities for success by furthering the way your company utilizes Slack for its file storage.