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So you applied to Canto – What’s next? | The Canto interview process

by Brandon Lee  |  February 25, 2021

2 min. read

Here at Canto, hiring the right people is super important to us. Every person we hire has the ability to make a large impact as we take digital asset management by storm!

I’m Brandon Lee, and as the Sales Recruiter, I want to demystify our interview process. We know the process can be really intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re truly appreciative of everyone who chooses to apply to Canto and we want to make the process as friendly as possible.

First and foremost, it is my promise to you that we review every single application. We respect the time candidates take to apply and, in turn, take the time to consider each application carefully.

After reviewing your application, if we feel the candidate’s experience and background align with the role, I will reach out and set up a phone call to speak with the candidate. The goal of this conversation is to make sure candidates have all questions answered, and that they have an understanding of what Canto represents and what we are looking for.

From the very beginning we want this process to be an open conversation. We never want a candidate to feel as if they are in a game of 20 questions, or that it’s only a one-way street.

A picture of the Canto team.

The next step is to connect the applicant with the hiring manager over the phone. In this conversation, applicants will learn the managers’ expectations, what the manager is looking for in a team member, and what it’s like to work on their team.

The goal of this conversation is for both the candidate and the hiring manager to see if there’s a good fit for the role, the team and the company.

If that call goes well, we will set-up a Zoom video interview. We know this part of the process often brings a lot of anxiety, so we want to make sure you are informed of everything that will be involved. The Zoom interviews include speaking with the hiring manager as well as members of the team. Each conversation will focus on a different topic that we feel is an essential part of being a Canto employee: Culture, Value, Drive and Organization.

The final step will involve a small exercise that will allow you to showcase your skills and abilities, depending on the role you applied for. If it’s a sales role, for example, we may have you role play a call or demo with a prospect.

We take pride in moving quickly with our interview process and will notify candidates ASAP of our decision.

If you’ve read this through and are excited about working at Canto, we want to meet you! Check out our open positions and apply on our Careers page.