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Why DI Development Company Switched to Canto


DI Development Company’s corporate marketing department was using an on-premise solution for digital asset management. This created problems for them: the software wouldn’t play nice whenever their internal network was updated, and the cumbersome system required a designated “photo station” in the office. The station could only be used by one person at a time, which significantly slowed down their productivity.


They decided to switch from on-premise software to a cloud-based digital asset management solution. They thought Canto was easy to use, especially for adding documentation to files and leaving notes for designers. They were concerned about migrating their documentation, but it easily transferred to Canto, with all metadata intact.

“Canto is easy to use, intuitive and a great collaborative tool. New team members have no problem learning the system, and consistent cataloging and tagging by multiple users is no problem. We’ve found it helpful for storing, organizing and accessing all kinds of image files, including photographs, logos, illustrations and even digital ads.” – Julie Dombrowski, Communications Director, DI Development Company

Results and Benefits

With Canto, DI Development is now able to access their image catalog remotely from multiple locations, and can provide their team of freelance designers, project managers and ad agency resources easy access to digital assets. Additionally, the team now shares select images with third parties such as media outlets, and protect copyrighted images with the use of watermarks and limited access timeframes.