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A DAM to Consolidate Marketing Materials


With over 900 franchise locations in North America and more locations being added every week, math learning service provider Mathnasium had outgrown its digital asset management system it had built in house. As they were growing their marketing assets ended up all over the place – shared drives, Dropboxes, etc.

They needed a system that was powerful enough to house and organize all its marketing collateral yet was user friendly enough for its franchisees.


When researching digital asset management solutions, Canto quickly became the one to beat. Most systems were either too simplistic and couldn’t accommodate the level of customization Mathnasium needed or they were too complex and wouldn’t be adopted by their franchisees. Canto provided the right fit.

Mathnasium’s head office in LA creates assets in-house. All Mathnasium campaign-related assets such as print and digital ads, email headers, social media art, video and even audio tracks, are organized into Canto. Their 900+ franchisees simply access these assets from the various portals they’ve set up in Canto. They set up separate portals with localized content for US and Canada – with appropriate cultural and spelling nuances, all while being centrally managed in a main library.

“Canto’s user-friendly interface allowed our franchisees to quickly search for and download the marketing material they needed,” commented Danny James, Marketing and Accounts Manager at Mathnasium. He continued, “The robust reporting provides information that our marketing team never had before, which provides valuable insights into which assets are being searched, downloaded and shared and which ones are not.”

“With over 700 active users within the first six months, the rollout of Canto could not have gone more smoothly.”

-Danny James, Marketing and Accounts Manager, Mathnasium

Results and Benefits

“Ease of use and user friendliness was an important driver of the rapid adoption.  It’s easy for anyone on the team to upload and distribute marketing material to the franchisees and saves a lot of time,” remarked Danny.

The search features allow them to find materials easily. They can organize everything for the franchisees with nice visual previews, without being able to cause accidental file deletion.

With Canto, Mathnasium is well-positioned to further expand into new countries without having to clutter up each region’s materials.