Popsugar uses Canto

A DAM that’s an Internal Stock Photo Site


POPSUGAR produces a large amount of entertainment, fashion and beauty content and was becoming overwhelmed by visual imagery to manage. They needed a system that could help transform these digital assets into an internal stock photography collection. From this, content producers and post-production editors could quickly and easily access images and meet their tight deadlines. Also, it was important that such a system could be highly visual, to match the company’s culture and core products.


POPSUGAR chose Canto as the digital asset management solution to best serve as its internal “stock photography house.” Canto offered what they felt was the most visual way to share their imagery, along with a wide range of metadata options. Being able to simply add keywords, tags and relate files made for the comfortable user experience they desired. With Canto, users are provided an effective and even beautiful way to search for POPSUGAR’s original imagery.

“My goal is to help staffers with the ability to access images quickly and efficiently to build projects, creative visual editorial posts and also promote our brand.”~ Sarah Lipoff, Digital Asset Manager, POPSUGAR

Results and Benefits

POPSUGAR is thrilled to host its own library of images and believes it helps them stand out from the crowd as a fresh online publication. They’ve said that using Canto as the base for their own stock house has been the right fit – and is evolving as they go along.

Furthermore, one of POPSUGAR’s leading Canto champions, Sarah Lipoff, reports that when they unveiled the new Canto Chrome extension to their users (which allows them to search and then drop-and-drag files directly into Canto), there were actual gasps of happiness!