Creating Effective Brand Guidelines for Your Business

Design your brand guidelines now

Is your brand struggling to cut through the noise and reach intended audiences or maintain on-brand messaging as you scale content production? You need brand guidelines.

This eBook explores what brand guidelines are, covering company, logo, and brand messaging guidelines, along with taking a deep dive into brand identity guidelines and management. You will walk away with actionable steps on how to create brand guidelines from scratch along with a brand guidelines template and visual examples. And as a bonus, you’ll learn how digital asset management can make the distribution of your brand guidelines a cinch.

What questions this eBook will answer:

  1. What are brand guidelines
  2. Why brand guidelines are important
  3. What to include in brand guidelines
  4. How to create brand guidelines
  5. How digital asset management helps you manage your brand identity
  6. How to make the most of your brand guidelines with Canto
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