Digital Asset Management for Higher Education

Getting the attention of current and prospective students is an issue facing universities worldwide. Universities compete with other brands, whether consumer, individual, or higher education institutions, to gain the attention of a technologically-savvy generation of prospective students, national or international. And while student enrollments in the US and UK continue to decrease, the increasing interest from international students means that universities need to capture the attention of a diverse student audience to meet enrollment goals. Universities worldwide, including Columbia University, The University of Hong Kong, and the University of the Arts London, have turned to a digital asset management platform (DAM) as the solution to reach every member of their audience.

Dive into the guide to see how top-tier universities are using a DAM and how your university can utilize the benefits of DAM to:

  • Meet enrollment goals with curated digital experiences
  • Increase content ROI by maximizing new and existing content
  • Strengthen brand identity with prospects and alums

Download this exclusive guide for managing digital assets for higher education now.


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