The people cost of content

Support your team

Our careers are becoming more complex every day. The more tasks and stress we face in the workplace, the more we risk losing track of things. Employee mental health has come under the spotlight this year and organizations are realizing the impact staff well-being has on business performance. Support your team to keep them going strong.

Revealing the true people cost

To understand the impact an ever-increasing volume of digital content is having on marketing teams, we teamed up with market research company Sapio Research to speak to over 200 marketing decision-makers. Here, we present the findings, revealing the true ‘people cost of content’ and explain how to liberate your team!

Who is this report intended for?

Employees and decision-makers in marketing, HR directors, senior managers and everyone who cares about their workplace culture and being able to work smarter.

What you’ll learn

Why content chaos is impacting marketing productivity and staff well-being and how this can be solved.

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