No more time wasted on analytics that can’t tell you what content will provide the best outcome. Canto is here to give you better insights into what assets people are searching for and downloading.

Dashboard-level metrics

Canto administrators have access to a completely personalized analytics dashboard, where everything they need is all in one place. Select reports such as top file shares, user logins, file storage, and so much more, and stay on top of everything that’s happening in your Canto library.

Detailed content reports

Forget reports that leave you wondering. With Canto, you can run specific, detailed reports on how users are engaging with the digital assets you have stored in your Canto library. You’ll be able to see everything from top downloads to search terms, ensuring you can work with your team to fill in any gaps you might see in content before they get bigger.

Content audit trail

Never lose your content trail – no matter how big your library is. Keep track of version histories, including what users are downloading, when they download, and what they’re sharing most.

Canto + Google Analytics = Dream Team

Looking for even more insights and analytics? Connect your Canto instance to Google Analytics and you’re ready to dig even deeper.

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Giant Bicycles UK

Before Canto, we would just send assets out and hope retailers would use them. Now we can actually see the download rates. The data in Canto indicates where the trend is moving and what the retailers are really liking.


It was nice to be able to get this overview finally, because no one could answer questions like 'How many photos do we have?' or 'What are the photos of?' It’s gotten people to think about working smarter.

Analytics play a big part in our content, too

The State of Digital Content in 2023

We love our analytics, too. And to bring you the best insights, we surveyed hundreds of content professionals to see how they’re managing their digital assets.

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Calculate the ROI of digital asset management

What’s better than knowing that you’ll improve your content ROI with a DAM? Using a calculator to estimate exactly how much you could save!

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How to build a business case for digital asset management

Still need help building your case for a DAM? And you want to include some factors and figures? We’ve got the facts, figures, and insights that you need, right here.

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Ready to get insights that matter? Canto has you covered with personalized content reporting.