Canto Features


Approve content, develop new ideas and communicate with outside colleagues and external agencies from one centralized location. Our easy-to-use Portals and Workspace features ensure that content is only accessed when it’s on-brand and ready to be shared.


Want to develop content that’s not yet ready to share in the Main Library? Administrators and Contributors can set up their own private Workspaces to collaborate on media assets. Content that’s developed in Workspaces is hidden from everyone else until it’s deemed ready for the Main Library.

Screenshot of the main media library of the Canto DAM and the folder and album tree structure to the left side; it shows previews of images and videos concerning leisure and surfing.


Simplify task management with Workflows in Canto. Get work done more efficiently with better transparency by setting up task assignments with due dates. Keep your digital assets and team in sync by commenting on, approving and rejecting steps of a defined linear workflow that you set up.

A table with a lamp, a plant, a tea cup, keyboard and a computer screen showing the Canto DAM in library view and a dialog window on top for workflow management.


Content can be controlled with Approvals, which gives each asset it’s own status. Assets marked as “Approved” can be shared and edited in Portals, while files marked “Pending” or “Restricted” will only be seen by a select few. Assets can also be marked for expiration, which makes them “Approved” only to a specified date.

Screenshot of the detailed view of an asset in the Canto DAM; it shows the picture of a surf shack at a beach, overlaid by a dialog box showing the current approval status with the expiration date for that approval status.


Every asset in Canto has it’s own Comments section for users to leave notes in. Comments can be targeted towards specific users and groups, which triggers an in-app notification and email for every new message.

Screenshot of the detailed view of an asset in the Canto DAM; it shows the picture of a surfer and the image title, description as well as keywords and tags to the right, overlaid by a dialog box showing a comment for the asset which is addressed at a specific user.