Canto’s organization features are designed to simplify how you store and manage your media library. Smart Albums automatically sort your digital assets by file types, keywords and tags provide contextual labeling and folders and albums include powerful sorting options.

Folders & Albums

Folders and Albums provide customizable sorting options for your assets. Create your own organization structure and quickly sort through your content alphabetically, by date, or by file type with a single click.

Consumer roles in Canto
Workspaces in Canto

Smart Albums

When an asset is uploaded into Canto, it’s automatically placed in a Smart Album. These albums are easy to navigate and provide a quick go-to option for finding assets by their file type. The six available Smart Albums are Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Presentations, and Other formats.

Keywords, Tags & Smart Tags

We’ve made it simple to label media libraries with Keywords, Tags and automatic Smart Tags. Digital assets can be labeled for themes, products, campaigns, templates or anything else. These labels give your media files more context and makes them easier to search for.

Keywords view in Canto
My collections in Canto

Personal Collections

Assets don’t have to just be accessed from folders and albums – create your own personal Collection of favorited files in Canto. It’s a handy feature for working with files that are in-development or part of a larger project.