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Push on-brand digital content easily to teams, channels, and platforms. And manage your global brand with on-demand collaboration tools, access controls, and digital rights management.

More control as you share and publish your content


Portals are instantly curatable mini-libraries with customizable branding, colors, and user permissions included. Create unlimited Portals for sharing on-brand digital experiences with sales, partners, distributors, influencers, public relations, and media teams — the possibilities are endless.

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Share links

Quickly create and distribute small self-service collections of content using share links. Collateral is consumable on-demand, making it perfect for sharing content with global remote teams and external brand collaborators. Set expiration dates for downloads on time-sensitive files with a click.

Approval status

Control on-brand file circulation and align teams on the latest version of your digital assets within your Canto library or Portals. And embargo content for distribution on all channels at a specific date and time.

Digital rights management

Manage your brand and all your brand content effectively with digital rights management built in. Track specific licenses, copyrights, and terms and conditions you have inside your Canto library. And simplify workflows with all of your DRM data automatically in sync with your assets to ensure compliance.

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Powerful features to deploy content faster


Streamline content and distribution workflows by connecting Canto to popular project management, productivity, creativity, storage, and sharing tools. Create more content and publish it faster than ever before.

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Need something a little more niche?

Canto offers a fully integrable RESTful API, so your developers can build custom integrations for any application.

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Deliver the most up-to-date version of every asset automatically in real-time. Canto's CDN capabilities are perfect for embedding content in sites, stores, and platforms. And as a bonus, content is delivered faster to users anytime, anywhere.

Download presets

Ensure that your team is always downloading your images in the perfect size and aspect ratio with download presets. With presets, your team can select a pre-made template that corresponds with their needs and hit every channel on-brand.

Advanced download options

Need more specific download options and don’t want to bother the creative team every time? Try out the advanced download options. This allows users to crop, resize, and reformat before downloading, eliminating extra requests to the creative team.


Gain ownership over how content is used, protect sensitive files, and ensure files are accessed and used only by users with permission by adding watermarks. You can add text-based watermarks where and how you wish on assets in Canto or inside Portals.

Publish to digital storefronts automatically with Media Delivery Cloud

Deliver outstanding digital experiences at global scale.

Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud delivers content from your Canto library directly to your website, e-commerce platform, and other content distribution platforms.

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DAM gets the right content to the right teams

Canto Portals: A better way to distribute digital assets

Find out five ways Canto customers use Portals to beat the competition, including on-demand sales enablement, empowering retailers and partners, and self-service press kits.

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Journey Beyond creates compelling content for thirteen tourism brands, and coordinates it all in Canto

Find out how Australia’s largest experiential tourism brand gets the right content to the right teams and delivers unforgettable experiences to customers.

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Canto + Social Media Management: The Perfect Pair for a Better Creative Workflow

Find out how Canto can create a content ecosystem, streamline your content and social teams, and push on-brand assets to your social channels faster.

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